Oct 16, 2009


What does this have to do with Ainsley?


I started a cap recycling program with Aveda at my kids' school. Over the summer a lot of caps were collected. Before I could turn the caps in I had to pull out the non-qualifying caps such as metal lids, plastic pull rings, pennies etc. (You know people never follow instructions) . The gigantic bag of caps was taking up valuable space in my house while I tried to find the time to get them "donate-able". I wanted the kids to help so they could learn about doing their part to protect the environment. Last Friday they were having an all day play-date so I had 4 helpers plus Ainsley. I wish I could say they did it out of the goodness of their hearts but in reality I bribed them with, you bet, ...CANDY! I decided the best place to do this job was on the patio. So I got Ainsley into her walker so she could get a little PT in while we worked. Little did I realize that CAPS would be an excellent enticement to move. Not only did she LOVE it and walk across the patio multiple times to get to the caps but then she proceeded to KICK the caps. I almost wished I could keep all 20lbs of caps for therapy purposes because boy was she motivated by them!

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