Oct 17, 2009

Last Day At School

Ainsley turns 3 on Sunday and in the birth-to-three world that means you're booted out of the system. Ainsley started receiving in home therapy from Boyer Children's Clinic when she was 4 months old. Just a bitty baby. Just 3 weeks prior to this picture being taken she had her first cranial reconstruction surgery. At that time we were working on just getting her to reach up and touch a toy. What else we worked on I can barely remember, those days were such a blur and seem so long ago.

Ainsley's progress has at times been slow and other times seemed almost miraculous. When I look at how far she's come I am overcome with pride. I know her therapists are too. We will miss them very much as Ainsley moves on, into the Seattle Public School system.

Earlier in the week the hospital called to say they wanted to bump from her surgery from November to Thursday. It would have been a very bad time since Steve has that game deadline looming over him but more importantly I didn't want Ainsley to miss her birthday celebration and last day of school. It was a hard decision but the right one and in the end they let us keep our November date and Ainsley got to have her day.

Ainsley in her last session with her with her physical therapist.

Standing with her "bum" against the wall like all the other kids. She only started to be able to do this a few months ago.

Walking the hall.

Singing happy birthday with the silly birthday hat and play cake.

Doing the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider. Again this is new. Ususally she just watches. Way to go big girl!

Ainsley has a strong fear of costumes (Remember the Disneyland photos at the character breakfast?) but she is getting better about puppets. She loves the "Octopus, octopus swimming through the water...."song and tolerated it's "gulps".

Bubbles! Yea!

Ainsley picks the Foot Book.

And after months of therapy to teach up and down, reaches down to touch her feet with ease!

We brought mini-cupcakes and stickers for the group.

Daddy even came to visit for her last day and helped her taste the frosting. Her reaction? Still Yuck!

In appreciation of all the therapists and staff's hard work and dedication, and in honor of Ainsley who loves books, I put together a donation of books to start a story time library for the school for all the therapist and educators to use.

Ainsley's speech therapist came to say goodbye.

Ainsley just learned to use a marker (beyond making dots) so her occupational therapist brought a special birthday picture for her to color, that we will keep as a momento.

Our family resource coordinator came to wish Ainsley a Happy Birthday and say goodbye.

Saying goodbye at circle time for the last time. We will miss our friends and wish everyone well. We hope to hear from you.

Ainsley's teacher who saw Ainsley from simple play activities (like making a toy car go) during home-visits to full participation in class.

Ainsley got hugs from all the kids as we said our goodbyes. So sweet.

It was a full last day.

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  1. What a great piece of photo journalism. Ainsley has done amazing things and I'm sure she's not done showing the world what she's "got". I hope the transition to the school system goes well.