Oct 9, 2009

Ear Infection, Flu Shots & More New Stuff

We've been sick. It happens every year a few weeks after school starts. It seemed like a very mild cold that has teased us by looking like it was going away just to flare up again (could be a secondary infection I suppose). Right when it seemed Ainsley'd kicked it for good it turned into an ear infection. She was grumpy and in a lot of pain but now she's had 3 doses of Amoxicillan and is back to her usual self. Still, we missed this whole week of school and she now has only one more week before she switches schools. Bummer!

After being at the doctor earlier in the day I was back in the afternoon for our previously scheduled flu shots. I had to pull some strings to get a this appointment because the flu shot appointments were booked out until late October. So there was NO way I was going to cancel even with an ear infection. Little miss was being quite a rascal for a sick disabled girl and was trying to climb out of her stroller, to hang with her big brother and sister, while we were in the waiting room. I was pretty impressed that she could get herself turned completely around inside the seat since there isn't a lot of room, especially given her size (37.5 lb and 37 3/4" tall). Of course this is BAD because now she will have to be strapped in to keep her safe. Ahhhh......to finally reach that point at age (almost) 3. Of course it's great!

Then today I was showing Ainsley how to draw lines with a marker. This is part of her fine motor therapy. We do it periodically but she had always just done forceful dots (bad for the marker and crayon tips) but today she actually made her first line and then she proceeded to create this "picture" all by herself with no help at all (I swear to God I did not help her hold the marker, position her hand in any way or anything). Very very cool miss Ainsley! Whatcha gonna do next?!

Making her first line.

This drawing she did all by herself.


  1. Nice Art Ainsley!
    How pretty is she in the brown and pink.
    Glad everyone is feeling better.


  2. Wonderful art work!!!

    I am so sorry that you have been sick! hoping that your all feeling better soon. Hope flu shots went well!! I hope she likes her new school!! I loves Izzy preschool and remember the multiple meetings and decisions on approaching it though the program but she has had so much improvement with the program!! I hope that you find that this one is a good fit too!I hope she has a wonderful birthday too!! I can't believe how big she is!!! 37lbs!! she is sooo much bigger than Izzy!!Way to grow Ainsely :) maybe you can teach Izzy a thing or two about that:) I love the pic of her in the stroller:) she is working on her escape and her smile is prefect!!

  3. I LOVE the pictures of Ainsley in this post. She looks so proud of herself turned around in the stroller and the look on her face with the marker is infectious. Her smile makes me smile!

  4. Check it out! I sent you an award, which you deserve very much!!!

    Hugs to Ainsley!



  5. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for your blog. It has touched me for many reasons, mostly because you talk about important people and issues I care about. As a reward, I left you a present on my blog – I’ve nominated you for the Lemonade Stand Award. To accept, you must comply with the following conditions:
    - Put the Lemonade logo on your blog or within your post. You can lift it off my blog, http://www.empowerpeoplechangelives.com.
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    Please accept the award. I can’t wait to see and follow the people you give it to.

    Thanks for your dedication to blogging!

  6. Just saw that you won an award on Erin's blog. Had to stop by and say hi. Ainsley is such a sweet heart.

  7. Ainsley is 37.5 pounds???? For real??? Wow! I really need to work on getting Harlie on that blenderized diet! She has finally crept up to 26 pounds. Wow. 37.5 pounds. I'm amazed. You're an awesome mama!