Mar 29, 2009

What's Next?...We have an answer.

This is fun!

Uh oh! I got caught!

Well when I said "Who knows what this girl will do next!" I didn't think it would be this. We use this shape sorter in the bathtub so I guess she figured if she wasn't going to get to take a bath she was going to problem solve a solution and find her own water. She found it!


  1. Don't you just love it when our kids do something that is just so normal for their age? I LOVE it! I love her big grin.

    Tommy's mom

  2. Good that your toilet is so immaculate. She would motivate me to be a better housekeeper, LOL!

  3. She has a sense of humor, that one! I simply adore her piggy tails. Too cute.

  4. I love seeing the typical toddler in her! Love her smile!!! Oh, and I was thinking that's a very clean toilet you got there. Good job!

  5. I second what Rene said.. what a wonderfully "normal" thing to do ! Those pigtails are making me want a little girl ! She is too cute !!