Mar 10, 2009

Hugs and Kisses

First I apologize for being MIA. You all know I was planning Evie's Harry Potter birthday party. It was so fabulous that I decided to make a blog about it. I know many of you have been dying to hear about it so here it is: Now I just need to put the house back together. But that'll probably have to wait. This week is going to be a busy week. Ainsley has multiple doctor appointments and procedures. Most importantly a swallow study, hearing test and scope in the operating room. Think good thoughts. I'll post an update later in the week with the results.

Ainsley has been doing really well. There are a lot of things I'd love to post but for now I just want to post this big one. Over the past weeks I have seen evidence that she has started to understand a lot more. Sometimes it's hard to be sure but on Friday I asked her to give me a kiss and she leaned over and put her wet little mouth on my cheek. Then the following day she repeatedly gave Steve and I hugs and kisses when asked to do so. It is such a great feeling to have your child show their affection and the fact that she is understanding us is huge. Here's a picture Evie took for me.


  1. Great photo, and I bet it feels great.


  2. That is the best photo! And really wonderful news. :-)