Mar 27, 2009

Holy Cow She Ate A Chip!

Can you believe this? It was just this week we found she likes HP sauce and last night she ate a tortilla chip?! I've always said this girl likes to keep me guessing. Nothing ever makes any sense. Earlier in the day her speech therapist and I were working on feeding therapy at the snack table with the other kids and she wouldn't eat strawberry yogurt, pureed food, or even the HP sauce. Nothing. Then later that day she eats a CHIP?! WTH?

I know it's hard to tell from the video but this was totally voluntary. We always give her a plate of food at family dinner time but usually she just plays with it and gags and retches if any makes it's way into her mouth. This time she decided to pick up the chip and EAT it. Of course she kind of stopped as soon as I picked up the camera to record it but you can get an idea and see it's in her mouth and she's doing OKAY.

Who knows what this girl is going to do next!

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