Mar 25, 2009

Ewwh Gross! - Thick milk that's disgusting!

A mother will do a lot of disgusting things for the love of her child. It starts with childbirth and the parts people never tell you about that (I'll leave you to guess on that one), later there inevitably comes the time that you are vomited on, and then there are the poopy diaper accidents. At some point there is little that can shock the seasoned mom. Been there, done that, pretty much to every thing there is. I can add a few more unusual ones, picked dozens of stitches out of my kid's head, monitored the blood drainage in her drain after cranial surgery, blew regurgitated vomit back through a hole in my child's tummy so she wouldn't lose too much weight, inserted a tube into a hole in her neck (once a month minimum), had my face covered in coughed up trach secretions (i.e. snot), oh about 10,000 times. I could go on. But tonight in the effort to try to teach my child to drink milk I demonstrated how to suck thickened milk (see swallow study results from 2 weeks ago) from a sippy cup. Although the taste is pretty much the same I have to say there is something just really disgusting about thick milk.

Ah what a mom won't do......

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  1. ahh the thickened liquid! I could do the and formula even juice I guess i pictured milkshakes and smoothies and somehow it was ok to give Izzy that but thickening water was the one I could not do. thick water looked like drinking hand sanitizer or hair gel just seemed wrong! I even thicken orange soda once and gave it to her to avoid the thought of giving her thick water!

    What do use for your thickener? We became very big fans of "simply thick" It was easy to travel with and use and was clear and seemed to be tasteless.
    things I learned with Izabell and her swallow was that the colder the item the betterher swallow, she still coughs and cokes on room temp or warmer beverages. Also strong flavors helps like lemonade. Salty or sour cold foods and beverages where easier for her to detect/feel. To this day she does not like warm food! She loves ranch, mustard lemon and lime yogurt and BBQ!