Mar 24, 2009

A True Brit!

The road to eating has been long and torturous at times and we are only a short ways into our journey. We started feeding therapy when Ainsley was only a few months old. Desperate to teach our child the joy of eating we have tried just about everything and were shocked to find she didn't even like children's favorites like lollipops, ice cream, whip cream, pudding and the like. Still, I kept trying, despite making little progress even with the sweets. She didn't do any better with the savory either.

So imagine our surprise when after 2 years we finally discover the first food Ainsley truly LIKES.....HP sauce, a tangy and slightly spicy steak sauce that is very popular in England. Steve, whose family is from England declared with delight "She is a true brit!"

We gave it to her again tonight with great success. AND she even put a bit of scrambled egg in her mouth. Perhaps it had a hint of HP on it. Even though she didn't eat it I was amazed that she put it in her mouth. And last night she decided that she likes ranch dip even though she'd tried it before and didn't like it. Perhaps she is on the verge of discovering the delights of food. Wouldn't that be grand?!


  1. I am so happy that you emailed me! It is so nice hear fromyou again. I love the pictures of Ainsley and your family! She looks like such a big girl now! She is absolutely beautiful as is your entire family!!
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