Oct 22, 2008

Post Surgery Update

Ainsley has still been in a lot of pain. I'm sure the incision is very painful so it's difficult to tell if it's that, or if it could be gas, now that her stomach can't relieve any built up pressure. I'm not sure where the day has gone, we haven't made any progress on the feedings and at 2:00 they had her at the whopping rate of 5 cc per hour. Good grief. It might evaporate by the time it gets through the line. They only want to up the amount by 5cc's every 4 hours. So for us to get to our goal of 50 cc's per hour will take a day and a half if it goes perfectly. The surgeon who said we might go home today is going back to his standard response of the average recovery takes 3-5 days. I'm still optimistic and hope she'll bounce back over the night and get discharged some time tomorrow.

Sadly, she's pretty unhappy. I bought her a little doll that giggles in hope that it would cheer her and she barely looked at it and didn't even crack a smile. She isn't interested in playing with anything even just to chew on it. We had some bad gagging episodes where she tried to vomit and wretched instead and her head turned a really deep shade of red. Followed by blood tinged secretions. I'm just hoping that she'll figure it out over time so that won't continue to happen. It really looked excruciating. The surgeon said there will be swelling of the stomach for a month. And that it will take a little time for her to adjust to swallowing and managing her secretions. I have to remember that. It'll take at least a month to see the outcome of the surgery. At least a month. At least a month.

Steve will bring the kids to the hospital to visit tonight. I can't wait to see them. Unfortunately we lost our roomie and have a new child arriving while I type this. Cross your fingers that we get an easy roommate and that Ainsley starts feeling better so we can get out of here.

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