Oct 9, 2008

I've Got A Third Rascal

Over the last month or so Ainsley has become more and more curious and mobile. Lately she's been crawling (slowly) around the house getting into stuff. The toys under the bathtub. She'll pull stuff out of the diaper/go bag (included medical supplies). She'll take all the stuff out of the suction machine bag. Play with the kids scissors if they happen to be left on the floor. A funny one: she unloads the diaper caddy and chews on the Boudreaux's Butt Paste tube. Evie and Adrian think it's hilarious when I scold her, "Ainsleeeeeey, don't chew on the butt paste!" She tried to put my slipper on for me. She's taken all the DVD's off the shelf. She even opened the kids cups drawer all by herself to play all the cups, lids and straws. Mama's proud! Check it out.

She knows she's being a rascal!

I'm trying something new. Here's a link to a slideshow of more pictures. I hope it works.

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  1. That's my girl!!! Love the pic with the cups...she has the same hairdo as Gracie.