Oct 14, 2008

Ainsley's First Haircut

Before the haircut. Just getting started.

Not so sure about this haircut thing.

After the haircut and a nap.

Ainsley got her first real haircut today. She's had her head completely shaved twice for cranial surgeries when she was 3 and 9 months old. The last time being 15 months ago. This is the first time I really cut her hair by choice. The first two times I cut a curl off to save and let the surgery team do the rest. People often say she has a lot of hair. I can only imagine how long it would have been.

The catalyst for the cut was that about a month ago we started seeing hair breaking off on the back of her head. Sadly it's now only about 3/4 of an inch long at the crown. We think she's been having her hair fussed over too much by a certain someone. So to solve the problem I gave her bangs so we don't have to put the hair up to get it out of her eyes. I've learned over the years that bangs are a no-no. They require a lot of maintenance. And they take FOREVER to grow out once you've grown tired of the constant trims. Evie still has some wispies in the front from when she had bangs when she was 4. I told myself I'd never do it again but here I am doing it anyway. It's better than her going bald, right? Remind me of that when she needs a trim every few weeks.

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  1. Love the haircut. I hear you on the bangs, but don't worry too much about it - it won't be long before your daughters will be deciding how they want their hair/bangs and your opinion will count for very little. :-)

    I check your blog often, but don't always comment. I enjoy keeping up with Ainsley and you.