Oct 30, 2008

Ainsley Turns Two

We were excited this year to have a low-key birthday celebration for Ainsley on the 18th. Sure we'd considered having a party. We did the big party thing for her first birthday because that's what you do on a first birthday. It was a great party and a perfect way to end a really remarkable first year. But at age 2 it seemed to me that she would most enjoy being with her family doing something fun. I decided to throw caution to the wind and take her to the Seattle Science Center despite the chance she could pick up a bug and we'd have to reschedule her surgery that was only 3 days later. We used lots of hand sanitizer and thankfully all went well.

Ainsley's birthday started out with a special dance performance by Evie. And the presentation of some hand made cards. Our usual Saturday ritual of coffee in bed with the kids making a ruckus in the bedroom. Finally we headed out to the Science Center. We hadn't been there since Evie and Adrian were much smaller. This was the perfect age to take them. They were so curious about all the little mini experiments. Being someone who is curious and likes to learn I also had a great time. My favorite was the giant zipper. I've had more than one stuck zipper in my life and had always wondered what the heck the problem was. What's to go wrong with something as simple and low tech as a zipper, right? And yet it happens. Apparently all the teeth have to be exactly perfect to fit through the slide at exactly the right angle to mesh the teeth together. If one tooth gets slightly bent it throws everything off. I also marvel that such an everyday object that we take so for granted as a low-tech no-big deal thing was only invented in the last century. The precursor to the zipper in 1892 but the zipper as we know it was patented in 1906 and further refined even later that that. Even the automobile was invented in 1889. Interesting isn't it, that it took man longer to invent the zipper than the automobile? Well anyway......

We also enjoyed testing our grip strength, testing our pitch accuracy, testing the gravity of cantilever, testing our vision (I REALLY need my glasses.), seeing how much electricity a lightbulb or two uses, taking pictures of the dinosaur robots (unfortunately the low light "broke" my fussy expensive camera >:( ) , we saw the butterflies and finally the main attraction for Ainsley, the toddler water play area. Sadly despite a nap in the stroller she was pretty tired by then so it wasn't quite as fun for her as I'd hoped. Still it was a great day out with the kids. I tortured Ainsley by making her wear a jeweled crown to denote her as the birthday princess. As usual we stayed until it closed before we headed home.

Adrian played with Ainsley on the floor while Evie and I got her gifts together. She just loves Adrian to bits and he loves her. I wonder if they'll always be close. All three of them really. She's lucky to have such a great brother and sister who love her so much. I'm always amazed at the grace with which they've accepted her as one of them, no different in any way.

We decided that a dinner at home was best for one who doesn't really eat. We ordered a pizza. Like every night Ainsley sits at the table with us in her highchair. She's gotten pretty funny over the last month or so she demands food. We often give it to her but not always. Well now she actually gets mad if you don't give her some. She plays with it and sometimes brings it to her mouth. I gave her a pizza crust and she actually brought it to her lips and appeared to taste it (more of a lick than a bite). THEN she proved to us that she turned TWO and looked me in the eye and hung the crust over the highchair and smirked and dropped it. I pick it up and give it back to her and she does it again....and again. I know this is ordinary two year old behaviour, but it's the first time I've seen her deliberately throw food. Thankfully it was a pizza crust and not my chicken paprika or something equally messy. I was thrilled.

We opened some presents. She had to have a lot of help from her brother and sister but they were happy to oblige. She got an adorable little woodland cottage with magnetic critters. I thought she'd love it and she did. Phew. It's hard to buy for a child with limited play skills and two older siblings that already have a house full of toys.

We finished up with some lovely cupcakes from Macrina. Ainsley licked a little frosting off her finger before she pushed it away. Maybe next year she'll actually eat a bite of cake. I can dream.


  1. Great Pictures Susan,

    It looks everyone had a great day!!!


  2. I agree - great pictures. You have a beautiful family.


  3. Happy (belated) Birthday, Ainsley!