Jul 23, 2012

T&A Is A Go!

We had a very long wait. Our surgeon was running a bit behind so it was well after noon before we were brought back. Check in was at 10:45. It was hard to pass the time and I was more than annoyed by the  lady eating peanuts and drinking Diet Coke in the surgery waiting area. In case you don't know. Kids that are having surgery can't eat or drink and it's rude to eat in front of them and it's against the rules. Luckily Ainsley didn't seem to notice.

Ainsley looked well and they nearly didn't ask us about illness (even though we'd informed the ENT nurse days ago.) She was fever free. No snot. No coughing (except a little in the morning which is pretty typical for trached kids). And they tested her sats and they were good so surgery is a GO! After waiting all that time, I'm sure glad they didn't turn us back.

After the usual procedures I took her back to the OR dressed, which is our usual method. She's happy that way and it avoids crying. She drifted peacefully to sleep and surgery should be underweigh as I type this. We will be headed back to Dr. I's special orange waiting area where we'll get an update before they bring her to recovery.

He's going to look at the lingual tonsils, and said if he removes any he'll only do it in the center since scarring has been reported to be an issue in a few cases where it actually made the airway smaller. We dont' want that. So we'll see when he comes out of the OR.  Probably I won't get a chance to update until we are home. This is an outpatient surgery.

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