Jul 16, 2012

Happiness Week 28

I like to get my Monday Happiness Posts done early but it seldom happens. Especially not this one today. I was getting nervous I wouldn't even get it done before it turns into Tuesday. Apparently I've used up 913GB's of space with my photos and videos and had to do some cleanup before I could download this week's pictures. (Kelly I have a disc from your wedding for you.) It's getting a little scary. Every week there are more and more wonderful images to record and remember the days by. I hope when I'm old and gray to sit in my rocker for months and months looking at them non-stop remembering how lucky I was, crying the whole while.

Daily Happiness Photos - Week 28

07/09 Gettin' Nekid
It's amazing what a kid can do when she is motivated. Ainsley got herself undressed for the very first time, taking off both her top and bottoms...so she could go in the pool. Little fish, that one. She LOVES it!

07/10 Breaking the Rules With Banana Splits
Have you heard of Ryan Roberts, the boy who's inspired thousands of parents all over the world to break the rules with their kids and create a lifelong memory by having banana splits for dinner? Well we did. Thanks Ryan, they were delicious and it was a lot of fun! I hope you were smiling down on us from heaven. 

07/11 Keeping Everybody Happy
Hopefully this won't be our only camping this summer. Evie wanted to sleep outside in the backyard. Luckily I waited until our guest showed up before setting up the tent. She was a little nervous so we compromised by setting up the tent in the family room and everybody was happy. Earlier we had a really nice time eating out on the patio with a bottle of wine (the moms not the kids). It was great to see our old friends and neighbors.

07/12 New Eyes
I finally got to pick up my new glasses. My old ones, though I loved them, were in bad shape. The coating had peeled so much I could hardly see. I LOVE the new ones. They are made by Friezeframes but they gave me a free snazzy Dior case (it was more compact than the one that came with my frames) and a Chanel case that I LOVE LOVE LOVE for my sunglasses that I ordered today now that it's July and our new insurance started. Ainsley broke my prescription sunglasses years ago and I can't wait to finally have new ones.  I'm so happy that the hunt for eyeware is over!

07/13 A Getaway
My birth mom took me on a luxury getaway to the grand and beautiful Tulalip Casino. She treated me to a signature massage at their heavenly T-spa which I SO needed.  I don't get to a spa often, but this one is perfectly tranquil and I can't imagine there being many nicer than this. My masseuse was fantastic and coincidentally also a SN mom. After the spa we had a very nice dinner at the Blackfish Grill with my (half) sisters. All this was covered by comps that she's earned or won so it was nearly FREE. We drank wine, smoked cigarettes and gambled all night. After sleeping in the most blissful bed we got up and spent the day there. Though I admit I'm not a big fan of losing money, so after playing hours of penny slots I decided to go shopping for a bit where I felt my money was better spent. We had a great time!

07/14 Knowing You're Loved (& Missed)
Even if you hear the words often, nothing is better than those special moments when you really connect with someone you love and you know without a doubt how much you mean to them. It was so obvious that Ainsley missed me, since she wouldn't let go of my legs for an hour or two when I came home at night. It was so sweet and wonderful and makes me want to leave more often. Maybe we rely on words too often.

07/15 The Perfect Umbrella
I love it when form meets function in a perfect way. Who would think an umbrella could be so pretty with all those ruffles?!  Or make a person so happy? I found this hanging in the window of the cutest gift shop (at the Casino) and knew I had to have it! Evie's thrilled because now she can have my old one that she's wanted because it matches her rain boots. On the tag it says: Rainy Days-You should not be sad when it rains but raise an umbrella that points towards the sky and while walking with tip-tap steps through the puddle you imagine all the flowers blooming in the rain.  I can't wait for it to rain, and around here you know it won't be long.


To view a slideshow of the entire Happiness Photo Project click here. Confused about what this is or why I'm doing it? Click here for an explanation of what it's all about.

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  1. I just LOVE the picture of Ainsley holding onto your legs!!! That shows that she must've really missed you. It's just so adorable! I also was suprised that she was able to undress herself. She is getting better at things everyday! Way to go Ainsley! I hope you guys have a great rest of the week :) From, Abby