Jul 30, 2012

Happiness Week 30

It's been a tough week. Ainsley's recovery has been difficult. Despite alternating pain meds every 3 hours she's still in a lot of pain. More than I'd expect considering the other painful surgeries she's been through. I really thought this would be easier. Though actually its hard to tell, perhaps the drooling is making her as unhappy as the pain. It is a challenge. We are suctioning constantly. And wiping up drool all day. She doesn't want to wear clothes because she gets soaked. This level of care reminds me of the good ole' days back before Ainsley had her fundoplication. Life was tough back then. Still is, but in different ways. Even so there were a few moments of happiness squeezed in this week.

Daily Happiness Photos - Week 30

07/23 Outpatient Surgery
I love when we get to go home after a surgery. It's easier for Ainsley to recover. They nearly admitted us because of what appeared to be some scary apneas, but I convinced them to let us go since we have a pulse oximeter and oxygen at home. It was the right call. She was fine once she was home and didn't need it.

07/24 Clean Toilets
I really hate it when the toilets get gross. Ours had been looking bad for a couple weeks and something seemed to be growing on one of them. (I know, seriously. Yuck!) We've been really busy. So the whole house is in need of a good cleaning but for now the bathrooms will have to do. I wish I'd squeezed an hour out of my day much sooner, because I feel so much better with this done. I need a week without kids to take care of the rest.

07/25 The First Smile
I had to drive Adrian to baseball camp to fulfill my days of the carpool. Ainsley was pretty miserable but when I went to get her out of the car she pointed at the driver seat so I put her there and let her play for a few minutes. She thought it was da BOMB! She even put on the seat belt. The first smiles after your child has had surgery are just SO wonderful!

07/26 Sun & Sunglasses
Our nurse was here today and I really needed the break! Even though it's not her fault I was getting angry with Ainsley because she is so needy right now. (Steve's work schedule right now pretty much means he's gone until bedtime every night.) It was nice to drive carpool without dragging Ainsley with me. It was a sunny day and coincidentally my new prescription sunglasses came in so I was able to pick them up. Ainsley broke my old pair a few years ago. Then I went and watched the boys play baseball at camp before bringing them back to the house. It was so nice to be able to be out in the sun comfortably.

07/27 Horse Camp
We picked Evie up from Horse Camp today.  It makes me so happy that she has been able to go! I would have loved to do this as a girl! I think it's a great confidence builder for kids to stay away from home for a week. But what's even better about this camp is that they learn horsemanship and take responsibility for their own horse, learning all about tack and grooming. I've seen a real difference in Evie's riding ability since last year. It's very cool that she's learned how to ride a horse.

07/28 The Perfect Bite
For some weird reason I was having a total craving all morning for a Kraut dog. It reminded me of when I was pregnant with Evie and craved Ruebens. I was so looking forward to lunchtime. It was delicious! The perfect bite! That doesn't happen very often. Nothing's ever tasted so good. 

07/29 Being A Smoothie Hero
If you've never made homemade smoothies for your kids, DO. If you have then you know what I mean, it makes you an instant hero in their book. I admit sometimes I'm a mean mom. But smoothies make up for it, I can tell by the look on my kids' faces that all is forgiven. Here is a simple recipe. Combine equal parts: vanilla yogurt, frozen blueberries (I always keep a bag in the freezer), and frozen banana slices.  You may or may not want to add ice to extend your smoothie, or cut the intense fruitiness of this recipe. Add a splash of milk to thin, more if you add more ice. If your blender doesn't have a smoothie setting, look here for blending tips.  These are so healthy and delicious! And easy!

I hope you have a good week. I am planning yet another birthday party, so I probably won't be doing much else.

To view a slideshow of the entire Happiness Photo Project click here. Confused about what this is or why I'm doing it? Click here for an explanation of what it's all about.

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  1. I am so glad to hear how Ainsley is doing since her surgery. She did appear to be in a lot of pain judging from what you said about her drooling so much. I also loved the picture of Evie grooming her horse. I always loved going to sleep away camps like that. I'm glad she had fun. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope Ainsley feels better soon. :) From Abby