May 27, 2011

Nie Asks

I hate to bump my last post about Ainsley saying her name but I'm going to. I don't have a lot of time to follow everyones blogs but one I've been following for a few years is NieNie Dialogs. We may not share the same views on religion or politics but I admire her sense of style and find the way she loves life and still does so much, in spite of her accident, to be very inspiring. If you don't know her story check it out. This week she asks readers what is the favorite photo you took this week and this is my answer.

Lately I've been feeling life is passing by too quickly. Some days it feels like my 10 year old, Evie,  is on the verge of turning into a teenager. So I was very delighted when Wednesday I was distracted from working on the computer by the sound of my children and turned around to find Evie had orchestrated an elaborate play theme like she has since she was little. She was dressed in a black leotard and twirling a chop stick "baton", Adrian was helping Ainsley stand so she could shake the pompoms and together they were doing a cheer (maybe for Adrian's baseball team, the Yankees?). It was SO great to see Ainsley participating in the play and having such a wonderful time just like any other kid. A great moment! Plus she sure looked cute in her "cheerleading uniform" with her hair up in pigtails! I love that my kids have this type of imagination and can still play the way kids are meant to play and that my oldest baby isn't quite grown up.....yet.


  1. I follow Stephanie's blog too. She and Christian are very special people.

    Great picture! And, speaking from experience .... soak in these moments because they grow up oh so fast.

    Hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend full of more special moments.


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