May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Steve!

Yesterday was Steve's birthday. We made his day special because he sure deserves it. Some dads don't like to do the dirty work of raising kids. Steve will. And with a child like Ainsley there is extra "to-do". In addition to all the regular stuff, which there is quite a lot of, he also helps out with the trach care & suctioning, diaper changes, tube feedings, and equipment changes. Thanks honey for all you do! We'd be lost without you.

After driving back over the bridge after ballet class we had a simple dinner at home. Flank steak, baked potatoes, and salad. Steve's pick.

Of course there were presents. Steve got a much needed infusion to his wardrobe, an advantage of finally having more clost space. Life is pretty good for the man of the house.

And of course for Steve's birthday chocolate cake is always a requirement.

You know how I've been saying Ainsley insists on having some of everything we have? 

I mean it. Check it out. Every utinsel, type of food and condiment. And she's getting rather insistent too!

Of course she doesn't eat the butter or the baked potato it goes on. But it's cute how much she wants to have and do the same as the rest of us. Sometimes it's a little heartbreaking. We often spend a good portion of our meal picking food out of her mouth but we have to let her try. She's very good about making it clear when she needs help with that. If I felt she had the muscle tone to eat all her food orally I would push to get her into a feeding program to teach her to eat. For now its baby steps.

During the evening she impressed us with her cruising skills. We've been doing a new "PT" activity that I thought up. We are standing while dancing and exercising to DVD's (think Elmocize or Mommy & Me) to work on standing balance and strengthening. I even tried the AFO's but after a few sessions she no longer needed them. In a few short weeks it's really made HUGE difference as you can see just from these photos she is willing to take more risks and is much more steady. I only wonder if I'd had a PT suggest this activity years ago what she might be doing. My theory is she's been afraid to fall but this new activity has given her confidence. The only trouble is she wants to "do a DVD" all day long. That sign she knows VERY WELL. She is so adorable and hard to resist it's so hard to say "not now".

 Not that I want to encourage my children to use my lovely bay window as exercise equipment. Adrian got in big trouble for trying to use the window as a climbing wall. Ainsley does get special treatment....For now. 

 Have a good weekend!

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