Nov 24, 2010

On CPAP Hiatus

After getting Ainsley to sleep for an hour with the CPAP last week thought it through and started to question whether we really need to have her sleeping with CPAP on from now until the spring. And I didn't like that she was satting at 95% (while a decent number it is 5% lower for her) so I left a message for the Pulmonologist and got the message yesterday that we can take a break until February and they'll let us know if they want to increase the pressure or not then. I may put it on her from time to time to keep her familiar with it but I am relieved not to have to start the battle of wearing it every night....just yet.


  1. Susan, I concur with keeping her familiar with it also.
    I wonder what spring is going to bring for our little chickens. My fingers are crossed for them both.

    Hugs and all the love in the universe from me to you.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. I think it's great that you were able to make that good progress in a relatively short amount of time. Spring is looking exciting!!