Nov 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

PUMPKIN CARVING: Ainsley's hands in the goo, the kids impressed with Steve's massive scary faced pumpkin, Ainsley helping me to carve "Casper the Ghost" and my favorite "The Scream" inspired by the painting by Edvard Munch. That could be me on any given day.

I love looking at the pumpkins all lit up on the porch. Left to Right: Evie's, mine, Steve's, mine, Adrian's (notice it has two faces, there was no convincing him it should be any other way).

It's not Halloween without candy corn. I'm starting to feel sick from eating so much of it. What is it about candy corn that we like?! I don't know but I eat it anyway.

This year's costume theme: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Evie is Lucy, Adrian is Peter and Ainsley is Aslan the lion. I made Evie the "juice of the fireflower bottle".  I have to brag a little. Check this out...

A $2 purse from the Goodwill and a braided belt for $1.50 and a button and gold thread, a found bottle and a few hours later.......this is what you have.....

...this, a replica of "the juice of the fireflower". And a happy kid. And that's as close as I'll ever get to making my own costumes. Evie loved it SO so much. It was worth it. And it completed the costume. 

No mall trick-or-treating for us! We always set out around the hood. It was a perfect night. Dry, not too cold, no wind and no rain until much later in the night.....

...after the happy trick-or-treaters were home. We had 29 trick-or-treaters this year. If you count Evie and Adrian when they came home (yes I gave them each a piece of candy) I guess that would be 31.

We did our usual decorations with the crows, owl, bats, spider webs and bugs. We added some new pumpkin lights at the street to try to draw in the trick-or-treaters so they would see we were home and come up the stairs.

We added some ghost lights and better gravestones for the graveyard this year. The extra lights made it a little safer for the kids to get up and down in their costumes in the dark. Steve plays the spooky music outside to try to make it really fun for the kids who come to our house. Scary but not too scary. No guts or blood.

We (I) made our traditional pumpkin chicken alphabet soup. I keep begging to retire this tradition but the kids love it and they beg me to do it every year. I even roasted the pumpkin seeds. Yum!

Ainsley was very clear that she wanted to be done having her picture taken and go back inside with the kids to view their loot. The Aslan costume was SO cute on her and she really enjoyed pretending to be a lion which was a little surprising and very cool to see, her on all fours lifting her head back to "roar".

I bought this cute Calico Critters cat in a witch costume for her since she can't really eat the candy. She was very happy with it. Though she has enjoyed putting the candy into her car and pushing it around the house.

Evie had a cold and wasn't feeling her best but I think they still had a great night. Their favorite part, looking at all the candy spoils.

We ended the night with some Halloween reading. I just sat there on the couch drinking a Blue Moon, more than a little exhausted (did I mention we are considering buying a new house) just watching them and how beautiful they are. What a lucky mama I am to have 3 such wonderful kids. It was a really wonderful Halloween.


  1. What a beautiful night!! You are so freakin' creative...they are lucky to have you too!!

  2. Another post with great photojournalism. I love the bigger pictures. I'd have to give up one of my side columns to get them on my blog and I have too much stuff to give it up.

    Thanks for sharing your family with us!


  3. You always show how much FUN you have as a family! I love looking at your pictures and seeing the kids smile.

  4. I love that tradition of pumpkin chicken alphabet soup! Psst come closer..... I don't know what the heck that is but you had me at tradition!
    I dig tradition!!

    Awww man roasted pumpkin seeds...we didn't do pumpkins this year, so I never got my fix.

    The children's costumes look fab as well as your Halloween festive abode!!

    Love you!