Mar 31, 2010

My Little "Soccer" Star

It's spring break and Evie and Adrian had friends over today, which was nice, they all wanted to go outside. Where her brother and sister go, Ainsley wants to go. They were super-stars yesterday, tagging along to 3 doctor's appointments spread throughout the entire day. (We have 4 more days before Ainsley will be going in for surgery and had 2 pre-op appointments) Their behavior was impeccable, so much so that their pediatrician praised them. Mostly that's because I bribed them with a reward, a toy of their choice under $5. Maybe that seems excessive but the way I see it is most kids aren't spending a whole day of their spring break going to doctor appointments. And it was SO worth $10 to be able to talk to the doctors in silence. While we shopped for their toys at Bartell Drugs (waiting for a prescription) I found this:

What is this? An inflatable squishy ball that attaches to an elastic cord that you can velcro......

to a walker*......

and rig across the handlebars and fasten with a piece of tape to be a lure.
A reason to walk around in circles.
 A reason to stand on one leg. And kick.
A reason to persevere.
And....a whole lot of fun!

Can you hula-hoop and kick a ball at the same time? Ainsley wanted to try.

Hey, wait! Where're ya goin'?! I wasn't done taking pictures!

*After a lot of red tape and waiting thanks to our PT we FINALLY got the larger sling seat for Ainsley's walker. It's the right size for the walker and a much better fit. We were able to have someone who knew what they were doing adjust the walker for her growth when we picked it up. She's much more upright and is really moving in it! Too bad it's just in time to get casted.

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  1. She looks so grown up in these photos ! I love that look of dermination on her sweet little face !