Mar 21, 2010

New Scrapbooking Business

Okay, first of all, yes I know it's crazy. But I've gone ahead with it anyway and started a scrapbooking business. My mission is to inspire and help people get their photos into albums they can share with their family and friends. How? By doing it myself using digital scrapbooking software and posting all about it on my new blog.  I know I promised a redesign of Ainsley's blog and it IS still coming, I swear. We're just having a technical difficulty which I hope will be resolved soon.

As the mom of 3, one with intense special needs I don't really know how I'm going to find the time for this new venture but the beauty is after the initial setup I can do as much or as little as my schedule allows. I'm going to give it a go but luckily I don't have to pay the bills with this "job".  There are more samples on the See Susan Scrap blog but here is the two page layout I did of Ainsley's birth, that I created for my sample book. I'd love to hear what you think.

It was so hard to narrow the selection down to 6 photos. Someday I think I'll have to do a whole album to tell her story.


  1. Susan these pages are beautiful, you did a wonderful job!
    I scrapbook also but I far too much LOVE finding the paper, embellishments, ribbons and tying it all in together to match the picture. I love PAPER!! Die cuts with a view is my fave, expensive but stunning! I suppose I'm just old fashioned, I just like touching the books and going back and looking at it all. Sigh! (Yep..I'm definitely a nerd)

    Let me know how you are finding the digital scrapbooking.

    How about next Saturday join in on SOOC Saturday okay?!

    Chat soon,

  2. I would like you to know that Setting Up Business is not that easy and it's not that hard. The most important in wolrd of business is you most commit and add some motivation in work so that this business will bring you into successfull one. But there are times that we fail our business..I think this is part of the business..ahehhe..