Mar 17, 2010

A Record Breaking Mega Post - Fun New Stuff

I've been meaning to post a light happy post but things have been busy. As I looked through my pictures I realize we had a lot going on! But before this is all ancient history here are some of the fun new things Ainsley has been doing in between surgeries this year. She's a busy girl just like her mama. When your child has a malformation of the cerebellum all movements are a challenge. The milestones will come some day for now we celebrate the inchstones.


In January she learned to cover her ears when she hears loud noises (Mostly the high-speed blender when I make her blenderized formula.) She's so proud of this new skill. How cute is that?!

She gained the strength, coordination and control to stand on tip toe (with the support of the couch or bathtub).

She peed in the potty for the first time when I placed her on it in the morning (she had a dry diaper).

She was able to lift and squeeze this large penguin squirter in the bath.


She learned to really throw a ball.

She started to learn the joy of dancing.

She's started to develop a new emotional awareness. She always liked to say good night to the kids, but now the hugs seem different, more real. And it seems like she is more comfortable being held and enjoys physical affection more.

She started dragging things around the house, like this tray of bathtub toys we keep under the clawfoot tub. Other times it is a step stool or a basket full of things. She's figured out how to take her toys where she wants and she's got the strength to do it.

She knows when she does something good to clap, and her clap is more coordinated. Here she was clapping because she was doing well wearing her cap.

Along with that new emotional change seems to be an increased fondness for her dollies and stuffed animals. She now frequently asks to take one with her when she gets out of bed.

With the support of the couch and a lot of encouragement she was willing to side step to reach a toy. She's not quite independently cruising yet, but getting there.

She was finally able to get herself down off of Adrian's 8" high bed after giving good night hugs.

I know you saw the video of her learning to kiss. Here is a picture of her giving her doll a kiss when asked. How sweet!

Along with the good comes some bad. Learning to pull the table cloth during dinner.

Putting her feet on the table during dinner. That girl is so flexible. One benefit to having lowish muscle tone and hyper-mobile joints.

Her balance is improving. She can do some pretty funny moves like here where she's wiggling her arms and legs at the same time because she's so excited about catching the ball. I know it looks like she's about to fall over but she isn't.

I was amazed to see she could coordinate her grasp to open this Playmobil seashell that Evie got for her birthday.

Inside was a mermaid. She opened and closed this thing about 10 times.

She is in love with Evie's American Girl dolls, and seemed to actually be pretending to do Kit's hair, using the spray bottle of water and the brush.

This time she ASKED to use the potty (with gestures). Wow! But no goods. Still, she knew to clap for herself. Great, the stage where they pretend they need to use the bathroom just for fun. 

Here you can see that Ainsley has progressed in her throwing skills and is now able to throw a SOCCER BALL by herself. Pretty amazing.

She also has learned to be mischievous. Here she was caught being naughty taking off her cap, and the look on her face and the hunched shoulders show she knows better. If I'm in the room the little rascal will ask first (with gestures and signs) but the second I'm out of sight she just pulls it off. This shows she has a rebeleous streak. Could be trouble.

Part of me wonders if some of these new things are because she can see a little better after having the brow prosthetics placed. That's not to say she couldn't see before, she could, but perhaps she has a wider field of vision now.

I hope this satisfies your desire to see Ainsley's happy smiling face. There will be more heavy stuff later this week so enjoy the fluff while it's here.


  1. Ainsley look at you go!
    WOW! WOW! WOW!

    I love her little face, she makes me smile with how proud she is with all of her new accomplishments.

    Susan, leaps and bounds it seems for her. I love the doll sweet is that! Hugs for her brother LOVE! Potty..HUGE!
    Side stepping..DETERMINATION!

    Thanks for the happy post...kind of needed it!


  2. Let me say I LOVE the hard hat pic!! Awesome many new things!

  3. Love all the happy Ainsley news and her beautiful happy face!

  4. She's doing so awesome!!!! Thanks for the great post. It's great to see how far she's come. Totally in love with the pic of her sneaking off her cap. She just knows she's been a bad girl, LOL!

  5. I love posts like this!! Her smiles and glow are contagious. You are doing an awesome job capturing all of her milestones with your great photography. She is such a doll.


  6. she is such a rock star!!!!I love all the pictures!! I hope that this coming week goes well not sure what you have coming but hope it onl brings good news~wyndi

  7. I am so happy to have found you and Ainsley. I am amazed and bless by her story and determination. Thank you, Ainsley, for brightening the world.