Sep 4, 2013

Last Weekend of Summer, Now Back to Business (School)

Our GRAND FINALE of summer was the Taylor Swift concert. To say Evie was excited is a massive understatement. We've heard of little else all summer. She wanted to have a great sign to show what a huge fan she is, and hoped to get noticed and picked for Taylor's backstage Club RED party. She paid for the lights and materials for this sign herself. And for her outfit. With her own real money.  I spent a lot of time helping her. It was a little tricky. I sure hope all this crazy stuff we do pays off in the form of a graphic arts career or something.

Ready to head to the show. 
Here's Taylor in the 22 video, the inspiration for Evie's outfit.

We showed up early and found we had a decent spot in line to get into the pre-party at 4:30. There are a LOT of red wearing, sign toting Taylor fans.
Evie found her friend Antonia, and they had their pictures with the "Bananas for Taylor Girls".

The much discussed merchandise stand.

I was so happy to be sitting next to Evie during her first concert experience. I think it's a real coming of age experience. She danced and sang, held her sign with pride and had the time of her life.
Miss Taylor puts on an amazing show!!!


 The next day we had a family barbecue at Grandpa Davids. It was really nice. He gave Evie the scrapbook from his family from England, dating back to the 1800's which she will treasure.
The cousins came back with us and stayed the night. Then the following day the kids played in the pool for the last day of summer.

Squeeze bottles are on the OT list for pre-writing strengthening. Ainsley didn't know she was "working". The best kind of therapy. I was also happy since she never used the honey bear for drinking.

Penny got a cruiser. How cute is that?! She can doggy paddle a bit, but was scared so this fixed that.

We had dinner on the patio and Smores for dessert.

It was a great last day of summer!

Steve took Evie to the carpool location at 6:40. She loves her new school.

Adrian was nervous that his teacher would be strict (she has a reputation) but it turns out he likes her a lot.

Ainsley's nursing thing worked out. She has the same special education teacher this year, and the same para-educator as well as the same 2 nurses. I anticipate the continuity will give her a smooth start and she'll have a great year!

When the kids left I got ready for the magazine photographers by cleaning up and picking a bucketful of grapes (that were dropping all over). Penny was a bit sad that all her playmates were missing. She had fun following me around though.  We'll be spending a lot of time together. She's a good little doggy.
It will be an interesting week around here with the photoshoot. More photos of this process to come.

Boy was Penny happy when the kids got home! Lots of doggy kisses were shared.  I don't know about you but I am very happy to get back to regular business!

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