Aug 23, 2013

Good News!

I have good news! Thankfully we worked out a temporary resolution to our nursing dispute with the school district. By noon I hadn't heard from the Superintendent of Special Ed so I contacted the next level up in the dispute resolution chart. Within a half hour I received a call from his assistant letting me know what was going on. They all have been in meetings all week regarding nursing for the entire district. His assistant let me know that they would call by the end of the day.

Sure enough when they finished their meeting the Superintendent of Special Education called me with an apology. They didn't understand the full situation. They will allow us to use the same nurses for at least the first month. Which is what I proposed since school starts in a week. After the school year has started we can meet at their convenience to discuss any change to the plan. I hope they'll be too busy and it will just be easier for everybody to keep with the current plan.

I was able to call both nurses, figure out who is working which days so that everybody is happy. LWSD just needs to call the nursing agency. Luckily Ainsley will be able to start school as planned. Yay! We will not lose the nurse who has cared for Ainsley for nearly 5 years. Double yay!

AND I will finally be able to sleep again. Thank God!!! Advocating for your child is draining.

I hadn't had a chance to mention....We were contacted by a company shooting a magazine for Lowe's about using our yard for a photo shoot. We hadn't heard back all summer....Until this week. It's a much bigger thing than we'd been told. They'll be here for 12 days. They planned to fly in to start on 9/3. THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. And they'll need access to my bathroom which means I need to be home or feel comfortable leaving strangers with access to my home. The timing is less than ideal especially considering the nursing crisis but now that that is resolved I'm feeling better about it. Especially since today I got a copy of their insurance certificate (in case any of their models get hurt, or there is any damage to our patio, pergola or pots while they are moving things around).  It will be nice to use the money they'll pay us toward fixing the hole in the backyard left from the tree removal. It should be an interesting experience. 

I hope you have a great weekend! I know I will. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Steve is taking Evie and Adrian to Wild Waves. I plan to organize my papers. I've got insurance EOB's stacked up, school work from last year, an expired to-do pile that needs to be re-prioritized, loads of Ainsley's medical paperwork to organize (do you ever do the medical/hospital surveys? I don't), school paperwork to complete, bills to pay etc. It's my goal to start the year off organized before the onslaught of paperwork starts. The last of my hard to find school supplies are arriving via Amazon. All I need is to buy one pair of jazz shoes and pack up the backpacks. Hooray! I'm ready!

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