Aug 9, 2012

Camp Party Pics

Here are those Camp Party pictures that I promised. (Sorry I don't have time to neatly arrange these like I usually do so they will just have to be large. It should be so much easier than it is. Thanks a lot Blogger.)

The party went down like this:
First the campers arrived and we outfitted them with their camp T-shirts and let them play while we waited for all the guests to arrive.We headed to the Craft Shack to make our Glow in the Dark bug jars and decorate the archery target. The kids filled up their camp canteens at the Hydration Station and snacked on Build-Your-Own-Trail-Mix. They took their Field Guides and searched for "wild animals". The first 3 to find all ten (hidden quite well throughout the backyard) won a gold medal. We had a sack race competion and gave out more medals. We had a tug-o-war.  They swam in the pool and went in the hot tub. The kids got "I Rock" swim bracelets and compasses. They shot archery. We had dinner: hot dogs, corn-on-the-cob, tents filled with chips, and bug pasta. The kids applied bug tattoos. We went inside and sang Happy Birthday and had "Dirt Cupcakes". Then we lit the campfire and made Smores.  The kids slept outside in tents. A little secret: I broke the rules and let Ainsley sleep in the tent. She was SO SO happy. Hey, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I didn't want her to miss out on. In the morning the kids played Cabela's Camp Adventures on Wii. They made gliders and threw them in the backyard.We made blueberry pancakes with whipcream for breakfast. Then the kids played Capture the Flag. Adrian was so worried there wouldn't be enough kids to play but it worked out and his team won. He was so happy! I really am so glad he had a fantastic party of his own. Even though he was at Evie's Harry Potter Party, and Camp Halfblood Party (which I think I never posted pictures of, I was going to make another blog but didn't. Someday.) it's not the same knowing it wasn't your birthday. So we made it a super big deal and now they are even. The kids are expecting that this is the last one....the grand finale of my party days. But never say never right?



  1. Glad to hear that Adrian had such a fun time. It looked really fun! Ive always loved camping too. I think that you planned a great party and everyone had great time. I hope you all had fun and I hope Ainsley is doing good with her recovery. From, Abby :)

  2. Very nice camp photos! It seems like kids had great fun! Every kid likes camping :)