Aug 29, 2012

Ainsley's New Smile

Ainsley's new semi-toothless smile.

Her front teeth have been loose for 1 1/2 years. I remember thinking she was just 4 and too young to lose her front teeth. I can't believe they held on this long. They starting sticking straight out 6 months ago and I thought FOR SURE then they were on the verge. But they hung on. Tonight I finally pulled the loosest one. Underneath there is the tiniest bit of white from her adult tooth (her gums have looked sore for weeks) so I'm hoping it will erupt soon.

It was funny, Evie didn't want me to pull it, so I think Ainsley thought that was funny so when it didn't come out after the first few tries she pointed and said she wanted it out. I think just because her sister didn't want it to. They have a funny relationship. Some day I hope Ainsley can talk so I know what she really thinks. She seemed happy. So now we have 3 teeth for the tooth fairy. And two more that are loose. She might have a lot of loot soon so we'll have to take her to buy something special since she doesn't really understand the concept of money.


  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE her smile! She's just as adorable as ever, Susan. Ainsley's always cute :). Have a great weekend. From, Abby

  2. She is Awesome!!!!! Love the toothless smile!!!Can you believe summer is almost over??? :(~wyndilee