Jul 17, 2010

Snail's Pace Race

Having a special needs child gives me just the justification I need to buy whatever toys I want, under the guise of "therapy". When you have to work much harder than average to teach basics a good toy that helps do the job is much cheaper than even a single therapy session. That's what I tell myself anyway. Shhh. Don't burst my bubble.

I've loved the Ravensburger game Snails Pace Race  since my oldest played it as a 3 year old at King Street Co-op Preschool and I should have bought it years ago, especially now that I see it's half the price of the independent toy stores if you buy it through Amazon. It's a well made game, I love the colorful wooden snails. And it's non-competitive. After the first roll you bet or guess which color snail you think is going to win the race. You can all bet on the same snail and everybody wins! Yea no crying! (Of course Ainsley doesn't understand the concept of winning or losing but her big brother sure does.)

This is the FIRST game Ainsley has played. She can throw the dice by herself, although cover your eyes 'cuz they go flyin'. She can move the snail, even if it doesn't stay in its lane or move the right number of spaces. Even if she doesn't fully understand I think she's learning her colors and having lots of fun with her brother and sister. SO cute!

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