Jul 15, 2010

The Ballet Shoes Play

Normally I don't post things that aren't about Ainsley but I will just this time for those of you who've been wondering if we survived "THE PLAY".  The performance of "Ballet Shoes" was on July 10th. It went pretty well, considering that Evie didn't want parents backstage to help (she wanted us all to see the show), and the fact that it was done by kids age 9 and under. It really was fantastic to see how into it they were. In all it lasted about 3 hours, including a 30+ minute long intermission that included me trying to persuade my dear daughter (the director, writer, producer) to go on with the second two acts after she got angry with a friend for being unprofessional. Well honey, it isn't Broadway. They are KIDS. Luckily the show went on and the curtains withstood much yanking and pulling during the 37 scenes. There was a lot of waiting during costume changes. If only they'd had a backstage crew to help with props and costumes. Or perhaps if the director wasn't also one of the main characters and in most of the scenes, things would have moved a little quicker. Still it was a pretty amazing first effort. Those kids did a great job!

I was a little off to the side and didn't get great pictures. I was having a camera malfunction, was busy running backstage despite my best intentions, and planned to get still images off the video, which ahhhem, the camera man didn't have centered on the stage. So these are some of the best of the bunch and will have to do. Sadly.

Adrian as Gum. I was so proud of him for learning all those lines. He was 6! (Okay, turned 7 a few weeks later, but still!)

The oldest Fossil sisters confronting their guardian. Of course I'm proud of Evie too. She took this quite seriously, as much as an artsy minded 9 year old can.

Adrian and Sylvia as Mr. & Mrs. Simpson, the boarders, arriving at Gum's house.

The Fossil sisters about to make a vow.

At the ballet school.

The Alice in Wonderland performance.

The camping scene.

Pauline's screen test.

Pauline's movie premiere.

Madame and Posy at the ballet.

Posy returns after going missing.

Gum returns. THE END.

The actors during "Questions and Answers".

We celebrated with cupcakes in their beautiful yard, it was a lovely day, considering the lack of sunshine in Seattle this year. There's Ainsley right in the thick of it, having a blast. I think she actually enjoyed all the activity around the house.

The girls enjoyed seeing their names and pictures in the program, which we created using our Creative Memories scrapbooking software.

This production dominated much of my time and attention in May and June. Another one of those things that spiraled out of control into something much bigger than initially intended. So although it was an experience of a lifetime, I was relieved to get back to life as usual. Not that life as usual is easy or fun. But my life + elaborate production is particularly exhausting.  Miss Busybody decided to make a chalk drawing of the cast on the patio the second we got home. I don't know where she gets her energy. Next time she tries to talk me into doing something crazy, remind me to say NO, no matter how persistent she is at asking!


  1. I love Evie's creativity and confidence. She will go far in life. She'll wear her mom out in the process, but she'll go far :)

  2. Well honey, it isn't Broadway. They are KIDS.
    You make me laugh...soooo funny!!
    How brilliant, and creative are these children!
    I am in awe over it all...did you just not cry over the splendor of it all?! LOVE it all!!

    She is talented huh?!

    How was this post up for so long and how could I have not seen it?! Pfft I am slipping, usually I'm quick, must be my age.
    I hope you are well and I have missed you.

  3. Wonderful. Looks like a success! Funny, as above, I didn't see this post pop up on my Google page until today. Usually your posts show up immediately...either way, so enjoyed the pictures and comments. I'm not sure whose home that was, but it is beautiful. I love old homes in Seattle! Now for some peace and quiet (well, peace anyway).

  4. Very impressive! I love the pictures of the girls putting on their ballet shoes. Something about it not being in focus makes it look great! Love it!

    I second what Ann said. Great ready, Mama!

  5. We are very proud of ourselves!!!!!!!
    -Evie & Audrey
    (the fabulous actors of Pauline & Posy)
    Oh, and yes, my grandma's house is very beautiful(A)!
    We're so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)<3