Jun 27, 2010

Wowza Another BUSY Week!

Wow! Another busy week! We had a great Father's Day. Steve's such a good dad. I let him sleep in late, he deserves it. The kids brought him coffe and chocolate donuts (Steve's favorite) and played Harry Potter in our bed.

Can you believe this. She's now signing Daddy a LOT and did it for him ON FATHER'S DAY! Mommy? Not so much. Or maybe it looks too much like the sign for water. She asks for water a LOT. I always hope she's signing Mommy but she nods yes when I ask if she wants water. Can you tell I am a little jealous?

She really seemed to understand and enjoy the gift giving. She had a present she made for her daddy. So did the other kids of course, but I can only post so many pictures.Then we went for a barbecue at Steve's sister's house with Steve's dad. 

Then it was the last day of school on Tuesday.

Ainsley's class had a little ceremony. See my little yogini's fancy sitting? The girl is "bendy".

She enjoyed bubbles on the playground. We get to ditch the wheelchair now that school is out. We get the final x-ray on Wednesday and hopefully the okay to resume PT and use of her walker. I can't wait to really try out those new hips! Yes it's already been 3 MONTHS!!!!!

Me and my girl, trying some tastes and talking about food with her new "talker".

It's the Very Hungry Caterpillar! Her teacher made it. How cute is that?! Had to show you.

Evie's growing up fast. She said to me, "When I walk out this door I'll be a 4th grader." Ahhhh. It feels like yesterday that she started Kindergarten and Ainsley was born the following month.

I love this boy so much. He is totally at home with a pack of older girls, Evie's friends.

Why have I been so busy? BECAUSE I'M CRAZY! What are these kids doing? Rehearsing a play. That I allowed my 9 year old daughter to write, produce and direct. One of her friends is moving to England for a year and so we are now trying to do it in 1/4 of the time. The performance is on July 10th. How do I get myself into these messes?

These girls are a handful, can you tell? And I had them at my house for 3 hours on Tuesday, the last day of school, and for "Ballet Shoes Camp" for 8 hours a day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Even though Evie promised to finish the script (adapted from the book Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild) the week before if I agreed to host the camp, she didn't. That meant we were up until midnight 2 nights working on it together. CRAZY. Thankfully I found the movie transcribed into text on the internet which gave us something to work off of. Still the last thing I wanted to do after 8 hours with 10 kids is spend 6 hours a night on the computer writing a script. And of course I ended up having to direct the director. It was exhausting. Thankfully our nurse picked up an extra couple shifts at the last minute or I might have lost my mind.

In addition we've had an issue with our elderly neighbor so Steve's started building a fence in the backyard to make her happy (he built our other fences). We're going to put in a tire swing for Ainsley (and Evie and Adrian) so we picked that up on Saturday.

In May I started the process of cleaning up the yard so that I could plant some vegetables with the kids, a dream I'd had that I started to worry may never happen given the state of our yard.   The years have been flying past since Ainsley was born so it dawned on me that I'd better "make it happen" or I would really regret it.

It was so awesome to have a few peaceful moments with Adrian to plant bean seeds. He loved it and it made the hours I spent weeding the beds totally worth it! It felt GREAT!

When we realized we'd run out of lettuce, I was able to harvest some from our garden for our salad for our Friday Night Pizza and Family Movie Night. We've never grown lettuce before.

Somehow Ainsley still found time to do some new stuff, like try to stand. Not exactly successfully, but still, WOW!

She learned how to get herself down from the couch by herself. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.

The turn.

And she's down!

Now that the week is over I'm looking forward to actually starting summer vacation now. If only we had some sun here in Seattle.


  1. Wow.....hang on I haven't caught my breath yet!

    Now I'll start:
    LOVE the image of Ainsley and her much love Mama. How evident is that love in that image, it made me teary-eyed.

    Evie walking out the door as a third grader and entering a new school going into grade 4. She is sweet and beautiful and I love that capture.
    My heart string is pulled as that is what happening to Sloan in the fall and man am I weepy over this. I mean Grade 4 really? I want time to freeze. Where did our little little girls go?

    Awww the vegetable garden...LOVE, and it goes without saying a boy and dirt. Yep you have a winner for your Adrian. Pssst also when your not cool to hang around with anymore the garden will still stand and wham you have a connection. See you're brilliant also!! (:

    I have a father day image of the children surrounding Mr. Pedersen and I LOVE it. Ainsley presenting her homemade goodie to Daddy is sooooo sweet! This year Gage also "got" it, I think so anyways.

    Ainsley trying to stand...ahem...ahem....how did you not tear up? I did and I miss when Gage did that, thankfully the cast will come off on Tuesday.

    Love your smile Ainsley!!
    You are a superstar!

    Hugs and all the love in the universe from me to you.

  2. Susan please excuse some of my spelling errors. Proofread right?!

    I wanted to ask you since Ainsley is low tone.

    I find on Gage his ankles and wrists are tiny and seem frail is this common?
    What do you think?

  3. Wow, life IS busy and fun and full of adventure. You wouldn't have it any other way, right?! Kids grow up so fast. Evie is beautiful and before you know it, you'll be chasing all the boys away. Your post says it all ... it's all about family and you have a great one!

  4. Wow, when I think of our lives as kids and then see this, I wonder how we all ended up here? I would have never suspected...you are a wonderful mommy, and the special moments never seem to cease. We are truly blessed with our 3 children each. I forgot until today that we both have bookend girls and a boy sandwich...You are doing an amazing job and your family is beautiful.

  5. Yes, you are crazy! But in a wonderful mommy way. So, no worries. Unless you don't get enough sleep - then I'll worry about you. Clearly, you need your energy!!!! Or as Murphy would say "need to recharge your batteries."

    That Evie sure is a go-getter!!!

    So many great pics! Love Ainsley as Harry Potter! Too cute! And I really love the one of her giving her present to Steve. And congrats on the garden! That is impressive and VERY cool you got to eat what you grew!!!

    Go Susan! You rock!