Jun 8, 2010

Creepy Crawly

I'd almost forgotten about this guy. While we were out working on the yard over the weekend my son brought out the giant caterpillar. I think we all can remember the joy of crawling though these things when we were a kid. Before we had a chance to put it away Ainsley surprised us by crawling through it. Not once but multiple times. After having her hips and legs cut apart and put back together I'm amazed that she can crawl this well already. It's been 3 weeks since she got out of the spica cast. She's been okayed to do whatever she is comfortable with. Unlike adults, kids listen to their bodies and when they experience pain they listen (for the most part). Dr. S. said she could resume crawling at 2-3 weeks post-removal. So the timing is good. I think she was in more pain following the last, much less invasive hip surgery (open & closed reductions). I am so excited, June 30th we have her follow-up appointment and I'm expecting to get the all clear to resume normal activity. I've let her take a few steps with me supporting 90% of her weight and it's interesting to see her steps are much more forward. I'm reserving judgement but hopeful to see how she does walking.



  1. She is the cutest thing ever! I am constantly amazed at how resiliant kids are. Give her a hug from us!

  2. Wow! Does this mean the procedure made mobility easier/better for her??? She looks just great. And happy. Which I think is so important. I love the big smile she's sporting in the first picture. She is really something.

  3. Ainsley look at you rocking at the crawling through the tunnel. Geesh!
    These are great images Susan I love them!!

    I must say how much I love you and your support, I am blessed to have met you.
    Can you feel that?
    I just banged my Grande Starbucks coffee against yours to celebrate with a Cheers!!


  4. wahoo! what a rock star!!! We had Nola's hip ultrasound today and found out her numbers are not where they want them! They are not too bad so they are giving her 3 weeks to try to for them onher own and if they don't improve Nola will go into the pavlick harness! Ugh! they wanted to see her june 30th but i refused the apt and todl them to make it for the 29th and we are going to see a dif fellow but better then the 30th! Izzy has a surgery on the 30th !

  5. Wooooo Hooooo! Go Ainsley! She is doing great!

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  7. Your daughter is beautiful. We are in the special club, too. Nice to meet you!

    Love, Bree