Jun 30, 2010

The Wheelchair Is Gone!

I am SO glad to get this thing out of my house. It's not that we may not need a wheelchair for Ainsley, in fact I am working to get her one because she's too big for a stroller, just not a 16" adult sized chair to accommodate a Spica cast. We packed up the wheelchair and took it to the hospital with us to our appointment today. One advantage of having Children's Hospital as your DME.

Ainsley with her surgeon. The amazing man behind this reconstruction.

He says things look great. You can see the hips look good on the x-ray they took today. We discussed whether to remove the plates that held her legs together post-surgery. We may try to combine it with the eye surgery we are considering for late August, early September.

She has been given the okay to resume normal activity. Because of the intensity of this surgery it may take some time for her to be fully comfortable bearing weight on her legs. Kids can self-protect for a long time afterward. Regardless I'm excited to try doing our normal things like holding her hands to help her walk across the floor or up the stairs and especially to get her back in the walker. AND...We get to stop using the brace when she sleeps! I'm so glad to be rid of that thing. I'll let you know how she does after we've given her a few good workouts (ha, ha). She's really recovered remarkably well. I didn't realize how well until they asked me if she was on any pain meds for it. ??!! Uh......no, not for months. I am amazed at how tough this little sweetie is.


  1. Crappy!!
    My first comment got erased..ahh!

    C-ya wheelchair nice knowing you!

    Ainsley's doctor looks very kind and Ainsley looks truly content by his side. That says something!

    She looks so happy in that last image, I love it!
    Our children never cease to astound me, I am continually amazed by our little hero's. She looks fantastic!

    Hugs and all the love in the universe from me to you.

  2. Normal activity! Woo hoo! That's great news!

  3. Well Congratulations! Love the pic of the wheelchair all squished in the back of your car.

    That Ainsley is something! I just want to squeeze her!

    YAY for normal activity and then some!

  4. Ding dong, the wheelchair's gone!!!

    I'm sure as soon as she figures out she's okay in the walker, there will be no stopping her. Can't wait for that update!!