Nov 18, 2009

Rascally Girl

Did I mention that Ainsley turned three? And now she is starting to act 3?! On Saturdays I sit in bed and have coffee and Ainsley sits with me looking at books but she often is done long before I am and wants to go join her brother and sister downstairs. Saturday she decided just to get down all by herself. She turned herself around and got into position.

Pushed herself off bit by bit.
Hung on for dear life as she hoped her legs would reach the floor but unfortunately grabbed the pillow, which worked until she got to a certain point and it just fell with her. (These photos are a re-enactment.)
You should have seen her surprise as her bum hit the floor. She started to cry. But it was a mighty grand first attempt so I cheered for her, so then she smiled as she flipped around and crawled toward the door.


  1. Seeing her learn something new makes my day!

  2. Great job Ainsley!

    When Gage first learned this, I kind of got teary eyed as it was another ability he was able to achieve by himself.

    Man oh Man, when the day comes that they walk Susan I shall post it in every darn newspaper....what a huge accomplishment this will be.

    Adorable pics, she is certainly a sweetheart!

  3. I. LOVE. THIS. POST. Seriously. So many good things.

  4. Time to plant some pillows on the floor for her tushie, she is on the MOVE!!! WTG girlie!!!