Nov 20, 2009

My Towel Drawer?!

Did I mention that Ainsley turned three? And that now she is starting to act three?!

At least it wasn't the pasta and rice drawer above it. UH OH! I'd better get some drawer locks. Ha, ha.


  1. How fun to be dealing with "typical" three year old stuff. :) It warms my heart to "see" Ainsley having fun just being a kid. Have a great weekend Susan!

  2. Heheheeee! I love the look on her face. You always catch her looking so happy and carefree.

  3. Great picture of Ainsley, how funny is that.
    Don't you just love it?!

  4. Ahhhh. 3. The magical age. So fun. So destructive. And it is really cute to see how happy she is!

  5. Move the rice and pasta drawer...quick!!!!

    Hey did you see my big news on FB?