Sep 10, 2009

First Day of School

Ainsley had her first day of school today. She seemed to grow shy over the few weeks we were gone and has taken to covering her eyes with her arms to "hide". She's doing this all the time right now, at home too. In the weeks that we were gone she has improved a great deal with her standing. Every day I've been holding her at the hips, requiring her to balance while she stands. It's paid off and seems to have helped her walking as well. I'll be curious to see how she does in her therapies now that we're back. Today she was able to stand at the sensory table with the other kids for quite awhile and she was pretty straight and needed minimal assistance. She actually seemed to have a great first day back. All the kids did, in fact.

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  1. She looks great. :o) Has she put on some weight too? She looks super healthy!