Sep 22, 2009

Ballet Class

Today was a beautiful day in Seattle. This year we decided to switch Evie's ballet studio and thankfully I was able to get her a spot. It was really a matter of convenience since we liked the other studio fine. I don't always love change but I've been looking forward to this change because the new studio is in our neighborhood (no more nasty commute through Montlake during peak traffic with only 20 minutes between the end of school and the start of ballet class) and it's on Lake Washington with a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. It will force me to make time in my busy life to connect to nature twice a week (the new program requires attendance 2xs per week) and allow me to rush less. Once I feel more confident about Evie's placement (new studio, higher level class) I'm hoping to spend those hours enjoying the view and the sound of the water hitting the shore.

Today our nurse needed the day off so I brought Ainsley with us. Adrian is used to keeping himself busy since he's been tagging along to Evie's ballet classes since she was 3 and he was a baby. Ainsley and I worked really hard on walking (I've got to squeeze the therapy in sometime)in between peeking in at Evie, who is handling the more intense instruction really nicely. I'm proud of her and happy that she loves to dance like me. It struck me today in the midst of all those young dancers running about in the halls how Ainsley was working at least as hard as they were just to take a few uncoordinated steps, even with my complete support, holding her hands and guiding her. I am equally proud, if not more so, of her. Those young dancers are so lucky be born with their beautiful perfectly functioning bodies with the freedom that gives them. Most of us are, really and take it quite for granted. I appreciate my body and health in wholly new way since Ainsley's birth.

Ainsley seemed to love watching the dancers through the glass and kept pointing toward the door to go in. No silly girl, you have to learn to walk first. Then ballet.

This picture is for you Ann. That's a willow tree with Mt. Rainier in the background. Wish I'd had the good camera with me. Click to view close up. (BTW, got, love and am wearing the Willow Tree Foundation necklace.)

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  1. Awesome picture of the willow tree and Mt. Rainier. Thanks for sharing! I completely understand that feeling of finding a place and a time to just "be" and enjoy the beauty around you. It takes a while to get to that point in this journey, but when you do ... the view is so much sweeter. So glad you like the necklace too.