Sep 16, 2009

10 Eager Bites

Woohoo! I think we're making progress. The number of bites is still pretty low at 10 bitty bites but she seemed more eager to eat today. That is an improvement. I really think it's this gator vibrator. We've tried vibrators before but without much success. The difference seems to be that now she wants to put it in her mouth and I think this one has a good shape. And, I think her food has a good consistency today. Feeding therapists want to desensitize kids by exposing them to textures. But I have to wonder for for a child with very limited eating experience if, like an infant, they have to work their way up to textures after mastering smooth purees. Today's food was a little thicker and very smooth due to those over-cooked veggies. I think it's time to try again to make my own pureed "baby" food to see if I can get a good taste and consistency for oral feeding. I know I wouldn't want to eat half the stuff I try to feed her. I'll let you know how it goes.

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