Apr 1, 2009

Spring Break - Fun With Cups

It's Spring Break this week and the kids are all home. I am enjoying a break from running here and there and simply spending time at the house. We had a bit of snow today. Weird. And we have masons here tuck-pointing our chimney this week. As usual the house takes priority, Steve is very busy at work and we don't have any true vacation plans like regular people. Our big plan for the weekend is to rent a truck and do massive yard clean up. And it's my birthday weekend. Fun stuff. Although getting the yard cleaned up will be a gift in itself. We had planned to do it in November. At least the kids will have a chance to PLAY. And I'm always amazed that what they will amuse themselves with when left to their own devices. These cup towers were amazing in real life but don't look quite as impressive in the photo. Ainsley loves having her brother and sister around. Unfortunately I had to break up the fun and remove the animals from the "boat" to go outside to check on the masons. Sometimes my life is nutty!

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  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed their Spring Break.