Apr 15, 2009

Easter Pictures

Even though we are not religious people we do celebrate Easter. I think of it more as a celebration of Spring. Every year we do the same thing. I love traditions.

Each year the kids find an Easter basket in their bedroom. This is Ainsley's. She still gets a little chocolate even though she won't eat it.

We sit in bed and they play with their stuff and eat a bit of candy while we have coffee.

We have an egg hunt at home. This year Ainsley was able to understand it and participate, in her own way. We hid really big eggs in easy to see places for her to crawl around and gather. It was so neat to see her do it!

She got a few into the bag by herself.

Of course she didn't eat the candy. But still enjoyed herself.

Every year we go to Auntie Caron's to spend the day with the cousins. We try to do the egg hunt outside whenever possible. In the Seattle area that can be hard. It had rained and her yard can get a bit muddy but with rain boots and rain coats they were ready to go. It's one of my favorite times to take pictures.

There are lots of crannies to hide the eggs in.

Ainsley watched the action from Daddy's shoulder. I had to draw the line. No crawling in the mud.

You can see all the great hiding spots. In the rocks.

In the stumps.

Required Easter equipment in the Seattle area.

It's really a nice yard for an egg hunt.
But it was good to get back inside and relax. Ainsley got a nice Peter Rabbit book she was able to turn the pages by herself and did not rip any of the pop-ups. What a big girl!
I got some great portrait style pictures of the kids. She's getting so grown up.

Adrian had fun playing chess with his Uncle Chris.

We had a lovely dinner.
I made my annual Easter cake, a lamb this year. I found the mold at Goodwill. I should have walked by. I knew it then but foolishly did it anyway. The chocolate part didn't even taste that good. But it WAS cute and I took the lamb off the top to Ainsley's school so those kids (and adults) got to enjoy it too. Still that is the last time I pipe an entire cake and the pan is in going back to the Goodwill. Next year I'll do something much simpler.
The kids finished the night off with their "fashion show" they love to parade out in different themed outfits. I'm not going to embarass anyone by posting those pictures. Maybe next year Ainsley will be able to join in with the big kids. Wouldn't that be great! It was a great time.


  1. Great pictures! Your kids are all just gorgeous. It's very cool that Ainsley was able to participate in the in-house Easter egg hunt. She has really made amazing progress over the last year and by the looks of things .... there's no stopping her now!