Apr 28, 2009

Call From Dr. Cotton's Office Today

I've been waiting to hear from Dr. Cotton. He is a very well respected airway surgeon that many on the tracheostomy.com forum travel to see from all over the world. We had a full work up in Cincinnati in April 2008 and I followed up after our last laryngoscopy last month by sending him a summary of how Ainsley has done over the last year as well as photos from the last laryngoscopy. As her patient I think it's good for them to have that information and I was curious if he would agree with our local ENT about a course of treatment.

They said that Ainsley is a highly complex case and it's invaluable to have a good otolaryngologist locally that can see Ainsley in clinic and not just for surgeries. They said they have the highest respect for Dr. Inglis as a surgeon and surprised me by saying there are some airway surgeries Dr. Inglis does that Dr. Cotton does not. The difficulty with Ainsley is that the problem and solutions are not clear. I am relieved to know there is no reason to travel if Ainsley does need surgery for her airway. We are looking forward to the results of her next scope in June to find out where we are headed on this journey.


  1. Hi Susan. Sounds like good news knowing you can stay close to home should the surgery option become available. I've been meaning to get back with you since you replied to my e-mail. I have poured over the years of posts and am in awe of all you have gone through and done, you absolutely inspire me all that you have done and will do for Ainsley. The love of a mommy, there is nothing like it. Unfortunately there is a reason it took this long to get back with you and I thought you might be interested to know that my mom passed away last Friday morning. She had been in two hospitals over the last 1.5 months and came home Tuesday, with Wednesday being in such great condition that we were simply amazed at how she had turned around. Apparently she just was being given one last opportunity to get home and then move on. You spent so much time in our home over the years I thought you might like to know. Thanks for sharing all your love and stories of Ainsley and your family.

  2. i hope you have a wonderful mothers day!! ~wyndi steven and Izzy