Sep 12, 2008

Test Results Are Negative.

The device has been put on the forearm.

Bundled up with the arms wrapped. So exhausted she fell asleep.

Removing the plastic and tape. Ouch!

Collecting the sweat pads for the lab to test.

Wednesday Ainsley had a sweat chloride test for cystic fibrosis. This would be a possible explanation for why she has brochiectasis. Although it generally presents differently. They start the test by applying a solution to the forearm and attaching the device shown. It stays on for 8 minutes and stimulates the area. They an absorbent patch is then placed on the area, is covered with plastic and taped down. Then the arm is wrapped in plastic wrap. That is covered with the sock/sleeve and taped again. They do the same to both arms. Then she is bundled up (sweat pants, long sleeves, sweater & fleece blanket) to sweat. They must collect a certain amout of sweat to perform the test. We didn't take any chances and bundled her up excessively. Fortunately they got enough, the test was done and results came back NEGATIVE. Yea! No cystic fibrosis. At the same time she had her blood drawn to test for auto-immune dysfunction. That too was normal. Hooray! We didn't expect these tests to be positive but were still much relieved to hear that the results were normal.

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