Sep 6, 2008


No you're not seeing things and this isn't a tricky title to make you think she did when she didn't. She really did crawl. Last night was the first confirmed sighting. She's slow, and her form is a little "unique". She won't be entering the Olympics for crawling any time soon. BUT she got up on hands and knees and moved with intent to get across the room. Her tummy was a little low but not on the floor, army crawl style, like she had been doing. Adrian and Evie have been at school all week so I think she'd been missing them. They had sat on the rug with a snack in the living room and we were getting ready to read Charlotte's Web. I think she was happy to finally be able to play with them and was curious about their cucumbers and carrots. After about 4-5 steps they moved further across the room. She continued to move toward them another 5 or so steps. In the end she made it from the shelf by the DVD's diagonally across the rug to the leather chair. I got it on high def video but couldn't post it (high def is the problem) to you-tube. BUT I caught her in action again today and she did even better! This time she made it from the living room rug to the kitchen door outside! Seriously! It was unbelievable. And I got some photos this time. It's so exciting I think the neighbors heard me woo-hoo'ing at the top of my lungs. Ainsley and the kids thought I was hilarious!

Whew! I made it from the living room rug, through the dining room and into the hallway.

Stopping to "put on" my sock. I found in the hallway. I know this is where it goes.

Forget the sock. Boy this crawling thing takes some effort and concentration!

Hey! This door is in my way!

Hey! Evie...Adrian....where are you? I made it!

Well now that I'm here how do I get down that darn step?

Video of her in action, making her way through the dining room.

The same day I found her happily sitting in the middle of the living room floor with the diaper caddy. She'd pulled out all the diapers and unfolded them. She'd also strewn the the wipe box, diaper ointments etc. all over the floor. AND had pulled several DVD's off the shelf. This isn't the first time she's taken the DVD's off the shelf, but it's usually been when we put her right in front of the DVD's while watching a movie in the basement. This time she actually had to make her way over to the shelf, across the hard wood to get to them. Usually when I put her on the floor with some toys she's pretty happy to sit and play with them. What this means is that she's starting to get curious and explore like toddlers do.


  1. OMG !! How exciting ! Talk about a goosebumps inducing video !

    I am so happy for you guys, you have all worked so hard to give her some mobility and there she is just getting along so well !

    Wow... just wow !

  2. Congratulations! Milestones are so magic.

  3. That is an exciting post!!!! We celebrate this HUGE milestone with you. And, we look forward to even more- because if Ainsley has even a tiny bit of her mommy's spirit she is going to continue to thrill and amaze us all! Way to go!

  4. OMG Ainsley...I'm so proud of you. keep mommy busy by investigating everything!!!

  5. Fantastic!!!!!!!
    She is so proud of herself, I love her huge grin at the end of the video. I can hear your excitement in the video, and I am sure that is helping her.
    Great job Ainsley and Mom!!

  6. That is so awesome! What an amazing milestone for such an amazing little girl! Way to go Ainsley!