Sep 9, 2008

Ainsley Started Preschool

On my way to my first day at school.

Here we are.

Friendly faces to greet me on my first day.

Having fun during free play and working with her speech therapist.

Music time. Sitting in my own special chair.
Swinging in one of the big swings in the gym.

We've been fortunate that Ainsley's been receiving therapy in our home from a great clinic nearby for the past year and a half. They've been great and keeping her home has kept her healthy but her team and I felt it was time to try bringing her to the preschool in place of the home visits this fall. We were on the list for a spot and waiting to hear if it was going to happen for sure. We got the call last week. It's in her therapist's classroom and she It went really well. Since it's a birth to three center all the kids are 3 or under. She loved watching the other kids. We saw 5 of her therapists she's worked with in addition to her care coordinator. So many friendly faces were there to say hello and welcome her to school, how could she not have a great time? Although there were a few tears when she saw her physical therapist Adrienne. We're hoping its due to confusion over her having the same name as her brother. They started out playing in the gym, had free-play, music time, snack and finished up with a good-bye song. Two hours goes by fast! Here are some pictures from the day. What a big girl she's getting to be.

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  1. Wow! School. These kids are growing up too fast, aren't they. She looks delighted to be there. I hope this new change of pace will be good for everyone. Suzanne