Apr 14, 2014

Penny's 1st Year or All About Penny

Our pretty puppy Penny came to live with us on Adrian's 10th birthday. In case you haven't heard, it's a great story.  This photo, by Blue Lily Photography, was taken the weekend after we got her. Last Sunday, April 13th our little Aussiedoodle turned 1 year old.

This post is for dog lovers. It's all about Penny.

Penny likes to give kisses, on the lips. It's her favorite.

Penny likes to play chase with the big dogs. 
.....And the little dogs, and pretty much everyone else too! She's fast!

Penny is very hairy and patient when she is groomed.  Even though she hates it.

Penny is loyal. And obedient. She isn't allowed in the master bedroom (allergies) so she waits at the door for us like this time when Adrian was sick and watching movies in our bed.

Penny likes to watch movies and bark at the other dogs.

Penny loves to tug at rope toys.

Penny loves to ride around town with me. And she "talks" to the people she sees through the window. She especially loves it when we pick up the carpool kids at the middle school. She loves kids.

Penny is good at tricks like dancing on her hind legs.

Penny loves barbecue, people food, treats,and well....pretty much any food.

Unfortunately she also likes to eat rabbit poop. Ick! She IS a dog.

Penny plays fetch.

Penny's favorite place is in front of the fire.

Penny watches. She's a good watch dog. She greets the nurses in the morning with friendly barks and barks loudly at the gardener and UPS driver.

Penny is a boy's best friend. And it turns out she loves doggie cupcakes..... and when her family sings her Happy Birthday!

Penny has also been good for one super special little girl. Ainsley's favorite thing is putting Penny on her leash. Penny lets her....even though she hates it. She is gentle with Ainsley even if she pulls her fur. She loves Ainsley and greets her at the door after school with tail wags and licks on the face.  

Ainsley LOVES Penny. (We all do.)

Sometimes Ainsley likes to feed Penny.

  It's a great way to get in some "PT", walking in high-kneel with the dog dish. Watch how long it takes Ainsley. It's amazing Penny doesn't come snatch the food even though she's hungry.
She's such a good dog!

Penny likes her crate (and other snuggly places). So does Ainsley. She puts stuff in it all the time.

Penny never nips, even though Ainsley is always crawling around at her level and in her face.

We couldn't ask for a better dog to be part of our family!

Penny then.

Penny now. Happy Birthday! We love ya' girl!


  1. That was one fast year! Great pictures. :)

  2. What an adorable dog! I have a 3 yr old ShiPoo and she is the best dog! Very gentle and lovable. Your kids are adorable too! I love reading your blog and seeing the progress that they are all making. What an awesome family! I found your blog accidentally when I starting ready my cousins blog about her daughter Faith. (Faith's Journey) Keep up the good work!!