Jun 24, 2013

Locked Out! Oh no!

I have a little Monday funny for you. Last week Ainsley learned a new trick. This is an example of the type of thing Ainsley learns quite quickly, not that you necessarily want her to.

I was sitting on the bench in front of the house chatting with Ainsley's school nurse. Our conversation extended so Ainsley went into the house with Evie. Then Evie came out to ask me a question and Ainsley made her move, locking all of us out of the house!

There was a time when I would have panicked and broken a window or something to get in. Since her airway is so much better I let it go for a few minutes and eventually she came back and unlocked the door. Thankfully she was able to. I happened to have the camera with me because I'd taken some pictures of her with her nurse.

Since Tuesday she now thinks this game is da bomb! And plays it at any opportunity. Clearly I'm going to have to find a place to hide a key.

On Thursday there was a downpour. Not the best start to our summer for sure.
It even caught Ainsley's attention and she watched it from the kitchen window.
If you recall I got sick after not getting any sleep at the sleep study. Ainsley was a little sick too and pulled off her cap. I looked for it EVERYWHERE. Then she showed me that she'd opened the side patio door and threw it outside.
So I went out to get it and she locked me out AGAIN.
I got some lovely photos of our amazingly huge hostas (which I can take no credit for since they were here when we moved in and all I've done is ignore and admire them.)

Ainsley wasn't too happy when Evie and Adrian let me back in.
A perfect example of her using her own style of communication to tell me to "go back out". 

Then the kids spent the afternoon playing Legos in the dining room. Ainsley kept showing me her creations. It was so cute.
Later in the week we had dinner with my oldest friends (28 years we've been friends). Ainsley used to be terrified of dogs, especially the fast moving ones. She had SO much fun with Topper.

And had more fun locking us out of Kelly's house too. See what I mean about how quickly she learns, when it's something you don't want her to, that is.

Look at their grill among the figs with the grass underneath. So unique and "them" isn't it cool?! 

Disclaimer: This is a fig tree and a flowering shrub not some crazy kind of flowering fig.

Ainsley ended the night curled up with the adorable Topper. I think Ainsley is officially over her fear of dogs.  
Tomorrow we have Ainsley's swallow study. The results of the sleep study are in, and after the VFSS we will have more information to make a decision about what, if any, steps to take next.  


  1. Ok, seriously, this is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I needed the pick-me-up! Thanks Ainsley....you never fail to make me smile in all of your accomplishments and your wonderful personality. Susan, you are doing such an amazing job. I love how happy she is! I can't wait to hear about those sleep study results!!!

  2. That's adorable. Love that she threw her cap out the door. What a personality

  3. Oh my gosh, SO cute! I laughed out loud at the videos! I love her finger tips in the first one and how she said "please" when she was telling you to go out. Seriously cute stuff! Oh, and when she threw her cap outside and locked you out, again! I think you're just going to have to keep your keys with you at all times. I see a latch key necklace in your future. ;-)

    Great post, Susan. Really. Loved it! xo

  4. This post has really made me smile. it reminds me of my wife and kids who got locked out of our holiday home in California once. They spent a whole day in a tent outside waiting for me to arrive and some how break into the house. I did manage eventually but did have to break a lock. Thank you.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock