Jun 28, 2013

For Lily and All Ainsley's Fans

Every so often we receive a really touching e-mail from a reader who wants us to know about the special way in which Ainsley and her/our story has affected them. Sometimes I wonder if sharing our personal lives on the Internet is a good thing. These e-mail letters answer that question for me and they always seem to arrive at just the right time to reassure me when I need it.  We love every one of them.

This week we got an especially touching e-mail (It made me a little teary eyed.) and I want to share it. I also wanted to take this as an opportunity to thank all of Ainsley's fans and friends for being a part of this journey. It means a lot to us.  THANK YOU!

Hi Ainsley,
My name is Lily B_____. I am 23 years old now and an adult with special needs. My older brother Chris is helping me write this email. I was really excited to find your email address and happy that my brother was willing to help me write you a message because I think I am Ainsley's biggest fan on YouTube! 

I live in _____, California and I am your biggest fan. I love watching your youtube videos because you and I have a lot in common, I think. I was born premature and had a trach for the first 4 years of my life. I have brown hair just like Ainsley and I have two brothers, just like Ainsley has a brother. I love watching Ainsley's brother do his skunk impression almost every day. I love music and I would love to know if Ainsley likes music too?

I love watching Ainsley grow up on Youtube and I think she is really cool. I think me and Ainsley would be friends if we ever got the chance to meet.

I think it would be really cool to get an email back from Ainsley!

Your friend,

Lily if you and Ainsley got the chance to meet I'm SURE you would be friends. In fact I'd say you already are. Thank you Chris. You are an awesome brother!

Instead of an e-mail reply we thought you would enjoy a video reply. Ainsley's been sick the past few days but I didn't want to wait until she was feeling better and acting more like herself for you to get a reply.  Hope you like it.

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  1. Love this post. Crying as I was watching and reading. If my girls saw me now that would ask what kind of tears and I would have to say happy tears. Touching......