Jan 23, 2012

Happiness Week 3

Sheesh. I can't believe we are 3 weeks into January and I haven't posted a single blog post except my Happiness Photo Project posts. At least you'll still get an idea of what we've been up to. Mostly we've been buried in snow (but the kids went back to school today). I'm still dizzy so the combination has been a bit tiresome. I'm looking forward to getting back to life as usual.

What Made Me Happy - Week 3

01/16 Ice Cream Sundaes for Dinner
Yep...for dinner! Vanilla ice cream, Fisher toffee covered peanuts, banana slices, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, dark chocolate sauce and a cherry on top!

01/17 Ainsley's Hammock
Today Steve installed the hammock I bought Ainsley's birthday at the Salmon Days festival in October. The lady who makes them said that her customers have said 20 minutes in it is like a 2 hour massage for a person with muscular dystrophy. Ainsley doesn't have MD but can still benefit from pressure to her muscles and the vestibular stimulation. I had intended to hang it outside (under cover) but Steve was too busy at work in Oct/Nov to hang it. When the weather got cold I realized that it would be far better to have a swing inside the house. The lovely lady from Hang Loose Hammocks was kind enough to exchange the green one I bought for a natural colored one so it would blend in better with the decor in our TV room. It's nice in there because we were getting a little crowded on the single couch (the room doesn't have space for more seating).  Now the kids are fighting over who gets to use the hammock AND we are all more comfortable. They LOVE it! It's great to see Ainsley using and loving her gift. And it's good for her!

01/18 A Towel Bar At Last
The kids pulled the towel bar off the wall of the bathroom shortly after we moved in. We had a hole in the wall for months. Then a patched wall but no towel bar for another few months. Having no place to hang towels was really getting olllllllld! Hooray! Seriously this makes me very happy!

01/19 Icicles
We've been buried in snow. Finally it is melting a bit and today we have hundreds of amazing icicles around the house. We had fun playing with them. Did you know granite melts stuff quick? Bet you didn't know that it can turn an icicle into a blade in about a minute: Place an icicle on the counter top, watch it melt and turn flat before your eyes, flip it over to melt the other side. Kind of cool!

01/20 Happy Kids on a Snow Day
I was very happy to have happy kids today. A few days in the snow is good, but eventually my kids were done...but still stuck inside.  Finally they've worked through the boredom. Evie decided to use Polly Pockets to make Flower Fairies, crafted out of tissue and colored pencils. She's amazing! Adrian opened his Balloon Animal Kit (a Christmas gift from Evie) and made a balloon poodle. Steve ventured out in the snow because we were low on food and came back with the Clone Wars DVDs. Adrian was very happy! Ainsley is always happy. In the end I could only pick one picture so fairies it is.

01/21 My Neighbor Totoro
I'd been wanting to watch My Neighbor Totoro with the kids for days but get missing my opportunity. Finally, I did. If you haven't seen this movie, DO! I love Miyazaki. I just put about 5 of his films on hold at the library and that makes me happy too! They'll be fun little surprises when they become available (they are popular).

01/22 A Clutter Free Desk
I was lucky to have a beautiful built in desk in my kitchen at the old house. It's one of the things I miss about that house. Our new house had a much smaller "office" in the TV Room. The computer was squeezed in underneath where your legs go so I'd bump my knee all the time and the kids would accidentally turn it off by putting their feet on it. We lost power today, happily only for an hour or so. I unplugged things and when the power came back I made asked Steve to take out the drawers so the computer can go into the cabinet. I hung some art, cleaned the keyboard, tossed the old orchid reorganized and I'm VERY HAPPY to have a clutter free space to work. It's been on the to-do list since April. I like getting things done. It makes me happy. Now I just need to print a few pictures for my cork board and so I can really enjoy the space.


Have a great week! To view a slideshow of the entire Happiness Photo Project click here.


  1. we made dresses for our pollly pockets out of playdough during the snow storm:) Looks like you are all having fun!!!~ wyndi

  2. Okay the towel bar got put up!! YEAH!! That cracked me up because we had a long converstion about that a while back.
    Looks amazing, see and worth the wait...right?...right?
    Love the icicle image.
    I love the new house, it's gorgy!!