Jan 9, 2012

Happiness Week 1

The year is off to a good start. I'm actually surprised at how many things I am happy and grateful for when I sit down to record my day in my journal for my 2012 Happiness Project. I'm finding I don't have enough space, and that's a nice surprise.

I think the Happiness Photo Project is going to be a great creative outlet and way to help me focus on practicing gratitude which is part of my project. The idea is simple. Every day I will be taking a photo of something that either makes me happy or that I am grateful for. Each Monday I will be posting the prior week's photos. (Since 2012 started on Sunday, Week 1 has an extra photo.) Some of the photos will be more artsy than others. Sometimes it is hard to pick just 1 picture, but that's the rule, 1 photo per day. I am trying to ignore my inner-perfectionist and just let the project be what it is. This project is about visualizing some of what makes me happy each day not my photography skills or recording every single thing that makes me happy. In the end I think it will be very interesting to see a year captured in this way. I hope you enjoy the project and it adds a little happiness to your Mondays.

What Made Me Happy - Week 1

 01/01 Books and Children Who Love to Read Them
Evie bought The Son of Neptune, a 500 page novel, with her Christmas money and finished it in 2 days. I love books. And I'm so proud of my avid reader(s.)

01/02 Board Games and Time to Play Them Together
Steve was home through Winter Vacation which was great for all of us even if he did have greatly reduced hearing due to double ear infections. Even Evie played with us (she doesn't always love to play especially when she could be reading.)

01/03 Erasers for Cursive Homework
Adrian's teacher is requiring they do ALL their work in cursive now, for the ENTIRE rest of the year. Thank God for erasers or he'd have been crying more than he already was. I was also thankful that I'm no longer in school because I never liked homework, and I still don't.

01/04 My Husband Home From Work Before 7:00
Yes, we are ushering in a new era. Home at a regular time like regular dads. It's SO wonderful!

 01/05 Finding Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Pantry After an Exhausting 2 Hour Arts School Tour
Only because I am COMPLETELY crazy, would I consider sending Evie to an Arts School in another town, that requires driving to and from school 1/2 hour+ each way when the bus for the regular middle school stops in front of our house. Considering that this is a free public choice school and assignments are selected by lottery from HUNDREDS of applicants, it is likely that I don't really have to worry about it. But it would be fabulous for her. She says it's always been her dream to attend performing arts school (think Juilliard) and this will be her only chance. She thinks she wants to be an actress, loves to perform, dance and loves all types and mediums of visual art. I'm in trouble. I'll keep you posted when we find out in a couple months.

 01/06 Not Having to Cook AND Getting FREE Pizza!
Every Friday is pizza and a movie night and is my night off from cooking. Love it even more when they are late and give it to us for FREE!

 01/07 Ainsley Signing She WANTS to Use the Potty
Fingers crossed this isn't a phase, but Ainsley is telling us (sometimes) when she needs to use the bathroom. Since she can't go by herself this is the missing component, being able to tell us when she needs to go, to a future free of diapers. This development is new, the past week, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

01/08 A Hot Buttered Rum When I'm Not Feeling Well
I've been having lingering sinus issues and hope I'm not headed to an ear infection like Steve. I can't afford to be down for the count. We are now back in school. Evie starts rehearsals for the musical today, Adrian starts basketball Wednesday and I am working on a bunch of stuff for Ainsley (new communication device, trip to Cincinnati, multiple specialist appointments, and new therapies.)

I have started an album in Shutterfly if you'd like to see the entire Happiness Photo Project in its entirety click on the link to the slideshow here and bookmark it for future use. I might even add it to my sidebar, we'll see.


  1. Happy Week 1 to you Susan! Sounds like a wonderful project (and a lot of work).

    Looking forward to Week 2.


  2. What a great week and a great project. Wish I had the energy to do it along with you!! Can't wait to see what this week brings! BTW, I would totally consider the arts school too....everyone may think you are nuts, but you do what you can for your kids!

  3. Beautiful pictures Susan! You do such an excellent job illustrating your writings! And WOOHOO to Ainsley signing "potty"!!!! My fingers are crossed!

    Good luck to Evie for the school. That sounds great!

    Can't wait to see next week's photos!