Nov 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I hope you all had a great Halloween! We sure did. Since we moved this year we weren't sure what to expect. The kids had a great time! Their new school has Halloween parties in the classrooms, and then they have an all school assembly where each grade performs a Halloween song. I decided to take Ainsley. It was so much fun to see hundreds of kids in costumes! I was really surprised at the variety and creativity.

Adrian: Obe Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)
Evie: BumbleBee
Ainsley: The Queen of Cute (it was fun to make her chair into a throne wish you could see it better)

I was a little sad that they didn't want to do a joint theme this year but I'll get over it.

Thanks to my sister Sheryl who is training to be able to care for Ainsley, Friday Steve and I were able to go out. In 20 years this was the first Halloween party we'd been to together (other than the kid party we hosted). At one point in my life I wanted to be a makeup artist. Pretty funny, and maybe a little surprising. I made Steve's black eye. I was pretty happy with how my "Dark Faerie" makeup turned out (you might have to zoom to see it.).  

We carved pumpkins and it was nice that the kids could safely work on their own. Ainsley joined in the fun, at first reluctantly touching the goo, but then she got into it and kept scooping her goo back into her pumpkin from the bowl over and over. It was very cute.
We had fun figuring out how to arrange our outdoor decorations. We were sad to loose our porch and were not sure what we were going to do but it turned out that with a little creativity this house is even better for decorating. 

We setup the graveyard on the left after you pass through the arch.We added a fence this year which was very cool.

I love the bones in the leaves.

And a spotlight on the cross shined up onto the stone wall.

 On the right side was a ghost in the tree.

We put a skull in the fountain. A cool effect, I thought.

We setup the crows, bats and owls in the covered area by the door.

As well as the giant spider.
Steve always plays spooky music so it really is an experience. Now we just have to work on getting more trick-or-treaters! (16 this year)

It was spooky outside, but warm and cozy inside. I was plenty happy to stay in and pass out chocolate eyeballs to the kids, while Steve took the kids out around the neighborhood.  I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!
We finished soccer this weekend and are relieved to be through a busy October.  Ainsley is going in for a sleep study on Sunday so for now all my energy, what little I have left, is focused on getting her to wear CPAP with her cap while she sleeps so we get good test data for making medical decisions. Even when it looks like there is a lot of fun happening in our life we always have lots of pots on the back burners that I am constantly watching and stirring. I'll tell more when there is more to tell.


  1. Geez, Susan! All your stuff is so beautiful! The house looks perfect for decorating! I'm with you on the themed costumes. I've always wanted my kids to be the penguins from Madagascar. Murphy says no way. But don't you think that would be hilarious?!

    Well, wonderful photos!! So glad you had a great time!

  2. you are amazing! the kids and the house looked so fun!!!!~wyndi

    I miss you are you on facebook?

  3. Adrian, Ainsley, and Adrian are very lucky to have you as parents. I have to say, I LOVE your house! Your white moulding is so beautiful.

  4. ....meant Adrian, Ainsley, and Evie. :)

  5. "Even when it looks like there is a lot of fun happening in our life we always have lots of pots on the back burners that I am constantly watching and stirring."

    I always wonder about this - where you find the time and energy and the realities of day to day. You have so much more on your plate then me and I really, really admire you for it, believe me.