Feb 4, 2011


Blogging is a funny thing. When you've been silent for awhile sometimes it's hard to find the right post worthy of breaking the silence, so to speak. What have we been up to? Things have been busy, as always. Keeping the house spotless and "ready to show" has taken a lot of energy. So far we've had a lot of interest and showings, just no offers. I think our house just needs the right buyer. Our agent is confident and I am trying to be too. Then there is Steve's work schedule. He is going through yet another game deadline so the pressure on me is intense which hasn't left a lot of energy for blogging. It's not that there aren't things worthy posting....I just needed the right thing to get me started again.

So......this is it.....Over the weekend when I had to get out of the house, quick for the open house, I stopped at Safeway to get some Strawberry Pediasure. Ainsley had officially used up our stock of enterral formula from the days before we switched fully to blenderized. Well today after school Adrian was looking in the pantry for a snack and saw the Pediasure. He said he'd seen a commercial for it (when, where?) and wanted to try it. Really?! So I said he could since I happened to have half a bottle open in the frig. He and Evie both tasted a sip and thought it was pretty good. Then I gave the rest to Ainsley in a sippy cup while I was making her blenderized food. She'd had it room temperature before and wasn't as impressed, but then she likes stuff cold. Maybe it also helped that she was good and hungry thanks to my extra busy day. (Do ya think?)

Damn Dang if she didn't drink the whole thing with no problem.

All 4 ounces. SEE?!!!! Just in case you don't believe me, there is the empty cup.

And she wanted MORE! 

I guess in taste tests kids prefer the taste of
                                   this.              Compared to.................this.

In case I'm confused, this is where she wants it. 
Her new way of telling us she wants to eat. And she WANTS to.

I always said if she would eat, I would let her eat ANYTHING. Now she's putting me to the test, asking for Pediasure instead of my nutritious home made blenderized food. Wahhh!
Not really.
It's awesome and I'm already searching to buy it on-line by the case.


  1. This is exactly how Gage started to eat.
    Pediasure by the cases...I think his entire education went to Pediasure. We spent a small fortune at $38.00 a case and we went through 10 a month. Ouch! Strawberry/Chocolate/Vanilla are the flavours we used to get.
    Breafast/lunch/Dinner/Snack along with the puree's that took us over an hour to get into him.
    I then got into blending it with yogurt, bananas, strawberrier, raw egg, spinach and ice-cream. Then the puree's.
    What a freaking battle!!

    This is good!!
    I love that she's telling you that she's hungry that is very encouraging! That makes me super excited actually.


  2. Love it! What a huge step! :) Enjoy!

  3. That's terrific, Susan! I'm excited for you! What a HUGE step. :)

    And Ainsley is always so expressive! I love seeing pics of her because her personality shines through.

  4. This made me cry! How exciting.....from a mom of a "tubie"(but we r slowly getting there!)I can imagine how happy u were! U were in inspiration to me when I started the blenderized diet. I watched your videos several times. lol I like the healthier stuff too...but I will say if Camden decided to/could drink, Id be buying the pediasure too! ;o) WTG, Ainsley!!!