Feb 6, 2011

Thirty One!

Okay, so maybe it's not just the strawberry Pediasure. Ainsley has been eating more over the past months. I think I've posted about this already but to recap: I started pushing oral feeding again in October when she started getting more interested in the tastes we would offer. Since then I've been offering spoonfuls with every feeding, up until she says stop. Most often she eats about 10 bites, sometimes, 20, and at a bad feeding maybe only 2.

Today she upped her personal best record of 25 by 6 and ate 31, count them THIRTY-ONE, bites of my homemade pureed formula (and really it doesn't taste that bad). AND she ate them quickly and eagerly. I can't "force" her to eat because she fatigues and is then at risk to aspirate (get the food down the wrong way into her lungs). Today when offered the Pediasure she only drank about 2 ounces but I'll keep trying it. But it appears that whatever she's eating all this extra effort is finally paying off (dare I jinx things by saying so) and her endurance is increasing. Plus hunger helps, a delayed lunch seems to get results. 

Here she is showing off!


  1. So I'm not gonna lie.
    At first when I saw the title "thirty-one" I thought Okey-Dokey Susan who are you kiddin?
    Yep, then I'm thirty-one too.

    This is so much better than "thirty-one" isn't it? Ainsley you are freaking fantastic!!
    This more than "thirty-one" Mama Bear is impressed.
    Love ya Ainsley.

  2. Way to go Ainsley...and Mommy. Look at what your perserverance is leading to! I am so excited for you both. And I just have to say she is just the cutest thing ever letting you know she is hungry. Keep up the hard work.


  3. That's awesome! I'm so glad to read this! I finally just got around to reading your YUM post, too! Wow! I'm thinking she could have more Pediasure for a little while to make drinking/eating more of a habit. Then you could work your stuff in.

    Great job Ainsley!

  4. Awesome work for both of you!! :)

    Wanted you to know that my blog post today mentions Ainsley. I have very much enjoyed being a part of your lives online for the last year or so. . . I hope it's not too weird for an online friend who you've ever met to be so touched by your sweet daughter. :) Check out today's post where I mention Ainsley:


  5. Susan & Ainsley -
    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing the great news. Lucas is still getting all our homemade food through a tube (and I'm here on your blog getting the link with the videos to send to another mom here in DC who's ready to try making her own blended formula!) Ainsley's 31 picture reminds me of Lucas -- he's going through a phase of LOVING to gnaw on spoons. - krista